What if Rings of Power’s Sauron is that jacked-up sword?

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The most significant secret in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power considering that the program’s very first episode has actually beenthe identity of Sauron We recognize that the future Dark Lord of the rings has the capacity to shapeshift while duration the Prime Video series is established, and also Galadriel has been relentlessly on the search for him from the beginning of the program.

Some strong candidates have actually arised (and also some less strong) in the very early episodes, yet after the 4th episode of the program, “The Great Wave,” it’s time to discover a somewhat extra out-there concept.

What if Sauron is that slipshod sword?

Tyroe Muhafidin (Theo), a young boy, stares at a messed-up looking sword that he’s holding

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Theo, a human youngster that is the boy of Bronwyn, discovered a cursed blade in a barn a couple of episodes back, and also has actually been mesmerized by it since. Could that be the response?

It might appear not likely, thinking about the amount of mystical individuals the program has actually embeded our faces as prospective Saurons, yet there is priority for imbuing power right into things in this globe (simply see the title of the program).

And that sword is actually screwed up. Initially simply a busted handle, it expands right into a complete sword when it connects itself to Theo’s arm. It takes a toll, as well– we can see the mark it has actually left on his arm (and also the arm of a previous owner, as Theo finds in the program’s 4th episode). The program’s rate of interest in human beings attracted to bad (as made consistently clear by exactly how the fairies speak about the war against Morgoth) can sustain this concept, although it’s vague precisely what the attraction of the sword is to Theo or various other human beings.

But allow’s play this out. Say the sword is Sauron, and also in an effort to maintain power and also significance while staying securely out of the crosshairs of those searching him down, he imbued himself right into a cursed item. Now Theo has actually adhered with the sword. That can make him either a simple slave of Sauron, pressing him to attain whatever objectives essential to bring the Dark Lord back. But a choice can be that the sword itself positioned Sauron’s power inside Theo, progressively changing the youngster with Sauron himself. Or probably Theo will certainly be evidence of the opportunity that human beings can stand up to bad impulses, in spite of what the fairies believe. We’ll need to wait and also see exactly how that establishes, yet something is for certain: that’s one fucked-up sword.

Checking in with the various other Sauron prospects

Halbrand raising his mug with people out of focus raising their mugs around him

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If you’re somebody that’s still relying on Sauron being the Stranger, it was a harfoot-less (and also giant-less) episode today, so no information there.

But it was a solid week for the “Halbrand is Sauron” group, as he continuously supplies strangely veiled lines that recommend he recognizes greater than he’s allowing on (which he’s attempting to adjust Galadriel, something that came to be a lot more perfectly clear as he discussed to freaking Galadriel exactly how to adjust individuals). There was additionally the narration from Queen Regent Míriel that recommended wickedness was currently around Númenor– while the video camera stuck around on Halbrand.

The elven orc leader Adar additionally had a popular episode, informing Arondir regarding just how much he does not find out about the globe and also handling to be charismatically enormous while doing so. To us, it appears most likely he benefits Sauron, yet you never ever recognize. If Galadriel requires to be educated exactly how to insist her impact by a human several years her junior, anything is feasible with this program.


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