Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega may handle Beetlejuice 2

wednesday wears black in a sea of white dresses; she dances chaotically, one arm over her head and the other swung in front of her body; her face is remarkably serious

Image: Netflix

Look out, young ambitious Goths — your brand-new queen may obtain an additional function to strengthen her as master of the macabre.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega might rejoin with Tim Burton and also celebrity in Beetlejuice 2. This would certainly be the followup to the 1988 motion picture starring Winona Ryder and also Michael Keaton. The initial Beetlejuice complied with Lydia (Ryder), a melancholic and also edgy teenage girl, that relocates right into a home haunted by a young dead pair. After some antics, she and also the pair (Geena Davis and also Alec Baldwin) wind up mobilizing a naughty satanic force called Beetlejuice (Keaton).

Rumor has it that Ortega may play Lydia’s little girl. Keaton is likewise intended to return, with Burton directing. While there has actually been broach a follow up to Beetlejuice for many years, none have actually materialized. Instead, the motion picture obtained an offshoot computer animated collection and also a musical.

In enhancement to Wednesday, Ortega likewise stars in Scream 6, the most recent movie in the slasher franchise business, currently playing just in movie theaters.


Source: Polygon

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