Warzone 2 gamers are passing away when they must just be downed

Warzone 2
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A Warzone 2 pest is triggering gamers to pass away when they must just be downed.

The Twitter account ModernWarzone (opens up in brand-new tab) flagged the concern on Wednesday, asking, “Does anyone know what causes you to instant die in Warzone 2 instead of going down like normal?? Doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to it right now.”

Normally, unless you obtain struck with a one-shot kill, your personality will certainly be “downed” after taking a particular quantity of damages, as well as you’ll have a possibility to creep to security or to an ally for a restore. However, the pest some Warzone 2 plays are experiencing skips that action as well as eliminates them outright.

Thankfully, while there does not appear to be a main solution right now, Warzone 2 designer Raven Software is exploring the concern. As flagged by Charlie Intel (opens up in brand-new tab), the workshop included a card for the concern on Warzone 2’s Trello board (opens up in brand-new tab). “Some players are Eliminated in situations where they should have been downed,” reviews the ticket. No timeline on a resolution has actually been given since the moment of creating.

Warzone 2 ultimately went real-time today as well as, in spite of some separated server struggles, points appear to be going reasonably efficiently. There’s a separate bug that’s making it hard for Warzone 2 players to find their friends as well as play with each other, yet at the very least there’s a quite straightforward momentary workaround for that.

Elsewhere, Warzone 2 players are going absolute buckwild with proximity chat, which is precisely the kind of mayhem the function was created for, as well as console players are looking for a new excuse for their sorry K/D now that there’s a console FOV slider.

These Call of Duty Warzone tips are important whether you’re falling in Caldera or the brand-new Warzone 2 map Al Mazrah.


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