Warzone 2 gamers are being iced up out unless they acquire Modern Warfare 2

Warzone 2
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Unhappy Warzone 2.0 gamers are reporting that the free-to-play fight royale is securing them out of the game since they do not very own Modern Warfare 2.

That’s according to gamers on the shooter’s Reddit page (opens up in brand-new tab), that are reporting that after a handful of Warzone 2 (opens up in brand-new tab) games – and also occasionally also when they do without a doubt have the costs shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (opens up in brand-new tab), evidently – the game secures them out by showing an appear that advises gamers that they require to “purchase Modern Warfare 2 to have access to everything”.

“Since yesterday, I played probably around six Warzone 2.0 matches with no problem,” u/Unf0cused (opens up in brand-new tab) composed on Reddit (many thanks, NME (opens up in brand-new tab)).

“Now when I try to play it, when I click ‘Battle Royale Solos’ I get the ‘Purchase Modern Warfare II to have access to everything’ window (I’ve also tried the other BR variants with the same result). 

“I’ve rebooted the game and also my computer, however that really did not aid. Anyone else obtaining this currently and/or recognizes of a solution?”

Warzone 2 is entirely free-to-play and also, theoretically a minimum of, a various game, so gamers shouldn’t require Modern Warfare 2 (opens in new tab) to access Warzone 2. Hundreds have now upvoted the post, however, with many commenting that they too are experiencing the same issue. 

“I’m soo crazy. This DRAWS,” stated one commenter (opens up in brand-new tab), whilst one more added (opens in new tab): “Do not also think of providing your cash now.” 

At the moment of composing, the concern has actually not been openly recognized by programmers Infinity Ward and also Raven Software. 

Warzone 2 formally introduced previously today however its Steam page is already inundated with negative reviews (opens in new tab) and currently boasts a ‘Mostly Negative’ rating from over 8,000+ reviews – less than 3,000 of those who have left a review had something positive to say. 

As Hope summarized for us earlier this week, some of the top negative reviews include complaints about the game’s nickname system, its complicated menus, lagging, crashes, and numerous bugs. 

“Warzone 2 makes a great impression,” we stated in GameRadar+’s Warzone 2 review-in-progress (opens in new tab). “While it shares some resemblances with its precursor, Infinity Ward has actually supplied an extra tactical fight royale that wisely overturns assumptions.”

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Source: gamesradar.com

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