Valve обвинили в завышении цен на игры в Великобритании Инициатором и куратором..

Valve accused of inflating game prices in the UK

The initiator and curator of the lawsuit is Vicki Shotbolt, an activist from a digital consumer protection company. She is dissatisfied with the company’s pricing parity agreements (prices are compared to financial capabilities of the countries) which prevent game developers from selling their projects even cheaper on other platforms.

Shotbolt stated that Steam charges an “excessive commission of up to 30%” which forces poor British consumers to buy games at higher prices. The lawsuit is supported by law firm Milberg London LLP, and together they intend to claim about 840 million dollars from Saint Gabe.

This is far from the first case the activist has brought against Newell’s company—she has been trying for six years to profit accuse Valve of violating antitrust laws.

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