Творческий директор DOOM: The Dark Ages Хьюго Мартин рассказал больше о том, что..

Creative Director of DOOM: The Dark Ages, Hugo Martin, shared more about what to expect in the game:

The Dark Ages will “return to the roots” and resemble the first games in the series, with the Doom Slayer becoming heavier, more powerful, and grounded;
Players will need to maneuver between projectiles more often, and the gameplay will become more horizontal;
We will become a “weapon of mass destruction.” The game will feature a record number of demons with arenas filled with enemies, and we’ll destroy them with “the most powerful weapon players have ever held in the series”;
Locations will be even larger, but there will be no need to run around looking for targets;
The Shield-Saw will block attacks, parry projectiles, and combine with other weapons;
The player will always have two guns in hand. Martin stated that he wants players to feel like Aragorn from “The Lord of the Rings” or King Leonidas from “300 Spartans” — a hero in a grand battle.

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