Trigun Stampede’s post-credits scene is a large tip for period 2

A blond-haired anime man (Vash the Stampede) wearing a black coat and firing a large handgun while holding onto a purple cube-like object in Trigun Stampede

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Trigun Stampede, the most up to date anime based upon Yasuhiro Nightow’s 1994 area-Western manga collection Trigun, ended its very first period last weekend break. The 2023 version on Vash the Stampede’s journeys throughout the unusual desert earth of Gunsmoke motivated a great deal of dynamic, warmed dispute amongst followers, whether they were or weren’t aware of the initial 1998 anime.

A second season of the anime, referred to as the collection’ “Final Phase,” has actually been validated as in manufacturing. While we don’t recognize yet when period 2 of Trigun Stampede will certainly premiere, the brief post-credits scene at the end of period 1’s last episode mean what’s to find for Vash and also co. — and also it indicates future personalities and also occasions formerly uncharted by the initial 1998 anime generated by workshop Madhouse.

What takes place in the post-credit ratings scene of Trigun Stampede?

The end credits series for the last episode of Trigun Stampede is various than the one that showed up in previous episodes. It includes an unbroken shot of the crater-laden surface area of what seems a moon forgeting a red and also brownish earth — probably Gunsmoke.

A red and brown desert planet seen from orbit in Trigun Stampede

Image: Orange/Crunchyroll

After the credit ratings roll, the noise of a sonar-like ping can be listened to, adhered to by 2 voices, one man and also one woman, reviewing “phase two” of something referred to as “Project Pieces of Earth.” The women voice, determined as “Special Ops Lieutenant Colonel Independent Chronica,” orders the male voice to do a check of the whole surrounding planetary system, pointing out an unusual “fluctuation” from a neighborhood earth. The scene reduces to a close-up shot of Planet Gunsmoke, with a stunned Chronica claiming the change shows up to have stemmed from “Project SEEDS.”

Who is Chronica?

First showing up in phase 69, “Get Ready, Get Set,” of Yasuhiro Nightow’s Trigun Maximum manga, Chronica is an independent “Plant.” In the Trigun cosmos, Plants are interdimensional beings, like collection lead character Vash and also his twin sibling Millions “Nai” Knives, that were initially developed by humankind as a gas source to power the large starships and also terraforming modern technology needed to develop human swarms on livable earths beyond Earth’s planetary system. Like Vash and also Knives, Chronica is what is called an “Independent” Plant, implying that she’s sentient, with a human-like awareness and also a human-like body.

A woman in a spacesuit seated in a futuristic cockpit holding a teacup alongside a man wearing glasses in Trigun Maximum

Image: Dark Horse Comics

Chronica never ever shows up in the 1998 Trigun anime collection — that adjustment was generated prior to she was presented in the Trigun Maximum manga. In Nightow’s manga, nevertheless, Chronica and also her other “Independent” Plant friend Domina reply to a power signal discharged by Millions Knives, that integrates the bodies of every one of the Plants left on Planet Gunsmoke to develop a large sentient battleship to damage humankind. It’s called “the Ark.”

Chronica and also Domina were sent out to Gunsmoke to look for any type of survivors from “Project SEEDS,” the emigration program that introduced thousands years prior to the start of Trigun. It belonged to an initiative to maintain humankind past Earth, which had actually come to be unliveable as a result of long term air pollution and also international warming.

Upon uncovering that Knives has actually gone rogue, Chronica and also Domina utilize their ship to assault the Ark from Gunsmoke’s orbit. Later, they come to be important in Vash’s last conflict with Knives.

What does this mean for Trigun Stampede?

Trigun Stampede happens in a connection different from either Yasuhiro Nightow’s 1994 manga Trigun (later on retitled Trigun Maximum) or the 1998 anime collection routed by Satoshi Nishimura and also generated by workshop Madhouse. Given what takes place throughout the ending of Trigun Stampede, it’s likely that Chronica and also her companion Domina will certainly play a significant function in the 2nd period of Trigun Stampede, acting either as conditional allies to Vash in his ongoing fight versus Million Knives, and even potentially as opponents.


Source: Polygon

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