This mystical upcoming indie game has chonky pigeons and also one of the most disorderly Steam web page

The Dot thicc pigeons
(Image credit score: Viktor Dunets)

This upcoming indie game has really plump pigeons in it, however I actually could not inform you anything else concerning it.

Earlier today a clip of claimed birds showed up on my Twitter feed, and also as a pigeon enthusiast, I was right away interested. From the video, I obtained the ambiance that the title concerned, referred to as The Dot, would certainly be some sort of comfortable life sim, comparable toStardew Valley Upon additional study though, I uncovered that this game might actually be anything due to the fact that any kind of information I can locate concerning the game is very uncertain.

We have actually obtained this trailer for The Dot though that not just reveals the pigeons we’ve been speaking about however additionally a really chonky raccoon.

A consider The Dot’s Steam page (opens up in brand-new tab) does not assist you comprehend anything concerning this upcoming game either. No actually, the game’s summary on the electronic store actually simply states: “Good luck writing this steam store description – Josh” and also absolutely nothing else. I could not also inform you that Josh is, I simply think they’re one of the programmers working with the mystical game in addition to both that are provided in the game’s Twitter (opens up in brand-new tab) biography.

Further down the Steam web page, we do obtain a bit a lot more context. The Dot’s ‘About This Game’ area on Steam reviews: “Okay this is a little weird. This is the game that my friend made. He never explained it. And you know, I’m supposed to write something here.” The summary proceeds: “I could write here how great it is to play it, or that it breaks the rules of how games should work. You will play one game, yet somehow you will play many. You will play everything and nothing at the same time, or you will meet the cutest pigeons.” The remainder of The Dot’s Steam web page actually simply reviews: “Go ahead, try to unpack this person,” prior to being authorized off by this Josh individual once again.

It does have some screenshots though. The just issue is that they appear to be from numerous various games however additionally the exact same game? The initially of 8 screenshots reveals a cozy-looking game with charming pixel art however this rapidly modifications as the staying screenshots appear like they’re from really early builds of numerous games, perhaps?

At the very least we understand that this is sort of the factor, the last screenshot on The Dot’s Steam web page is a PowerPoint-style visuals that simply has the message: “So, did you learn what the game’s about?” and also 2 choices, among which reviews: “I don’t get it what is this game.” One point the Steam web page does expose however is that The Dot results from launch in February 2023, so perhaps we’ll have a far better concept of what sort of game it is more detailed to its launch.

I have no concept what The Dot is, however many thanks to some really lively pigeons, I presume I’m spending time to discover.

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