The Witcher creator thinks the video games have misplaced him guide gross sales, Metro 2033 creator says that is “totally wrong”

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The Witcher was a bestselling guide sequence earlier than it turn out to be a online game franchise, and its creator has some very sturdy opinions about which approach curiosity flows.


The Witcher creator Andrzej Sapkowski has given a tremendous interview through which he disparages video video games as a story medium, repeats claims the video games have misplaced him guide gross sales, and says it was his books that made the video games standard outdoors Eastern Europe – not the opposite approach round.

“The belief, widely spread by CDPR, that the games made me popular outside of Poland is completely false,” Sapkowski informed Waypoint of The Witcher sequence.

“I made the games popular. All of my translations in the West – including the English one – were published before the first game.”

This is simply – factually incorrect? The Witcher launched globally on PC in October 2006. The first Witcher guide launched in English was The Last Wish, which arrived in 2007, and the primary novel, Blood of Elves, wasn’t printed in English till 2008.

The creator has mentioned prior to now that The Witcher video games have misplaced him as many guide gross sales because it introduced in, and requested about this maintained that it “would be about equal, yes”.

“There are more people who have played the games because they read the books,” he added. “That’s my count, but I’m not sure. I never did any studies.”

Throughout the interview Sapkowski has little good to say about video video games, freely admitting he’s solely in it for the cash, and claiming that video games are spoiling his “market” as a result of all of the authors he meets are youthful than he’s and suppose he writes variations of video video games. Or one thing? It’s not totally clear.

What is obvious is that Metro creator Dmitry Glukhovsky thinks Sapkowski is just not solely “totally wrong” but additionally an “arrogant motherfucker”, as a result of he says that flat out.

Glukhovsky, who credit his fame outdoors Eastern Europe to 4A Games and the Metro sequence, has solely ever had good issues to say about working with video games. He additionally managed to stability collaborating with 4A Games to form the general franchise story with bowing to the developer’s experience with the strengths of the medium, versus Sapkowski’s strategy of taking the cash and operating.

The full interview article presents an interesting distinction in viewpoints and is certainly effectively value a learn; go test it out.

Just as an apart: The Witcher translations are excellent certainly, filled with terrifically Polish cadence and persona, and whereas CD Projekt RED’s imaginative and prescient reinterprets the story and setting in new methods, studying the originals gives an excessive amount of color and context followers of the video games will nearly definitely respect.