The Seanchan in the Wheel of Time are the primary antagonists due to noble justifications

Seanchan representatives and the Dark One walk in a still from Wheel of Time season 2

Image: Prime Video

After making numerous unforgettable looks in The Wheel of Time season 2’s initial 4 installations, the Prime Video collection’ Seanchan invaders ultimately take spotlight in episode 5, “Damane.” They maximize it, also, displaying whatever from their society and also national politics to their style throughout the episode’s hr run time. What’s a lot more, “Damane” additionally hammers residence what Wheel of Time’s second season has actually currently made generously clear: The Seanchan are a significant danger, and also one whose inspirations strike closer to residence than your conventional dream military with globe occupation in its views.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 5.]

Of training course, the Seanchan do wish to dominate the globe, and also — based upon the scratchy announcements of Daniel Francis’ High Lord Turak — they don’t care that recognizes it. So it would certainly be very easy to compose them off as one even more fabricated armed forces power set on international supremacy. And to a degree that’s true, as manufacturer Holger Reibiger recognized throughout Polygon’s current Wheel of Time established check out. Reibiger explains the Seanchan as “evil” and also “a new darkness,” which places them as generally in the exact same camp as the unforgiving minions of Mordor in one more Amazon Studios manufacturing, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

However, that’s not the complete tale, and also why the Seanchan have actually determined the Wheel of Time world would certainly be much better off with them accountable is where points obtain even more intriguing — in addition to scarier. The Seanchan aren’t attempting to run the program just due to the fact that they wish to, however due to the fact that they think they have to. As discussion in “Damane” mean, similar to in writer Robert Jordan’s initial Wheel of Time stories, these individuals matured being informed it was their colonialism to rule the lands throughout the sea. Armed with this callous, fearless sentence, they personify the extremely worst facets of manifest destiny and also exceptionalism, which makes them equally as unsafe as the Dark One’s Trolloc crowds.

A shot of the Seanchan standing at the front of their ship with channelers and their masters

Photo: Jan Thijs/Prime Video

This analysis is supported by among The Wheel of Time period 2’s supervisors, Sanaa Hamri, that attracts straight parallels in between the imaginary Seanchan and also numerous realms throughout background. “First and foremost, we’re in a world that is very special in Wheel of Time, where the women wield the power. […] The Seanchan come and invade like colonial powers and take that power away,” she states. “And I think that is the big symbol of themes we’ve dealt with as humans on Earth as well as in the show.”

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