The Room’s Tommy Wiseau returns with complicated brand-new motion picture Big Shark

Since the late 2000s, Tommy Wiseau’s misbegotten function movie The Room has actually held an unique location in the hearts of cult-movie followers, as a midnight movie, collective interactive theater experience, and conversation-starter like nothing else. The movie’s large extremity — its amusing line analyses, its complicated story, its repulsive sex scenes — pushed it to such notoriety that the tale behind its development ultimately ended up being an Oscar-nominated movie, and also among the best films of 2017. Wiseau has actually invested a remarkably big percent of the last 15 years approximately on excursion behind the motion picture’s several paradoxical public testings, in between creating a TV series, showing up in visitor places on tv and also in movies, and also going after numerous small tasks, from music videos to making a brief regarding homelessness in America.

But he never ever made a 2nd motion picture — previously. At the very least, it feels like he might have made a flick. The trailer for his upcoming job Big Shark debuted on Thursday, in its very first on-line look after making the rounds at Room testings. The point is, the trailer is about half motion picture trailer and also half elegant, black-and-white advertisement for the (really genuine) Tommy Wiseau undergarments line TW Underwear — or, as the logo design shows up to call it, TWUNDERWEAR.

The motion picture’s logline, according to the movie’s YouTube listing: “Three firefighters /George, Patrick & Tim) must save New Orleans from a gigantic shark. Can New Orleans survive?” That doesn’t always clarify why half the movie-trailer component of the trailer is concentrated on boxing, with nary a fire visible, a lot less any person battling it. The fighters are additionally evidently called Jimmy and also Tommy, which recommends they aren’t also the topics of the motion picture. Also, there’s a huge CGI shark put in the center of everything, releasing right into the center of the city roads in what resembles a lost scene from Sharknado.

A closeup of the open mouth of a CG great white shark lunging out of the water, in a shot from the trailer for Tommy Wiseau’s Big Shark

Image: Wiseau-Films

And after that the entire point all of a sudden reduces to a TWUNDERWEAR advertisement, including numerous shirtless males throwing a basketball around in sluggish activity, as Wiseau himself, in a specifically unusual Andy Warhol-design wig, gets here to repeat “love is blind.” What does love concern males’s undergarments, slo-mo basketball, or large sharks endangering New Orleans? Might also ask why there’s spoon art on an arbitrary wall surface in The Room, or why Philip Haldiman’s personality Denny graphically consumes an apple in the motion picture. Some points can just be discussed with Tommy Wiseau reasoning.

It’s mosting likely to take target markets a while to learn exactly how everything mesh, whether Big Shark includes even more graphically veiny shots of Wiseau’s exposed and also bending butts, and also whether Big Shark is predestined to end up being a Room-degree interactive watching experience. Variety claims the movie will debut in Portland, Oregon on April 2, with an eight-month excursion of the United States to comply with, one city at once.


Source: Polygon

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