The brand-new D&D cd splits, and also it’s totally free to play and also download and install

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A nautiloid ship in wildspace, cruising over a charred landscape towards a rift.

Image: Kill Rock Stars/Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast launched Spelljammer: Adventures in Space on Tuesday, a three-volume love letter toDungeons & Dragons’ wackiest setting It likewise launched an extravagant shock for followers– an unabridged cd called Spelljams, totally free to stream and also download. We’ve had it on repeat right here for a complete 24 hrs, and also every track on it definitely tears.

Story designer Chris Perkins touched Chris Funk, lead guitar player of The Decemberists, to curate the cd. Together with various other participants of the project’s advancement group, they hung around with every single musician to review their job and also just how they could come close to points like Wildspace, area clowns, area vampires, and also area whales.

“I got to have a meeting with each one,” stated Chris Lindsey, item advertising and marketing supervisor atWizards “We would really deep dive into what it is to play in a Spelljammer game, and it was really a transformative experience for each one of the artists. It didn’t matter whether they were already huge D&D fans or whether they were totally new to the game […] You can almost, with some of them, see — as they were starting to pick up on the aspects of the game that they liked — they would start piecing together their songs right there, and then they would be super excited just to get off the call so they could go away and make their music.”

Even if you do not get or play the project, there’s something superb in right here for every person that likes songs. The cd opens up with a moody synth track from Magic Sword, shifts right into a theremin-and-thrash-metal track from Osees, prior to Reggie Watts networks David Hasselhoff doing a William Shatner impact in “Space Is A Place.”

The cd will certainly likewise be offered in avinyl collectors’ edition The three-way gatefold LP will certainly function as a Dungeon Masters’ display. (We’ve placed in a main inquiry regarding plastic stickers for your van.) The complete track listing is listed below.

  1. “Seeds Of Destruction”– Magic Sword
  2. “Arena Of Blood”– Osees
  3. “Space Is A Place”– Reggie Watts
  4. “Visible Lights”– TEKE:: TEKE
  5. “Far”– Black Marble
  6. “Left Hand Path”– Mikaela Davis
  7. “love is the disaster”– Lucius
  8. “Xedalli”– Penny & & Sparrow
  9. “Moon Dancer”– Y La Bamba
  10. “Light of Xaryxis”–Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
  11. “Spacefighters”– MonoNeon
  12. “Crystalline Climbers” &–Cardioid & pink paint
  13. “Me and The Moon”– Devon Gilfillian
  14. “Endless Sea”– Red Fang
  15. “Ghost Of The Nautiloid”– Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band
  16. “Forgotten Land”– Deru, Arooj Aftab
  17. “Topolah’s Song”– Wizard of Waz
  18. “chaotic.evil.astral.elves”– Califone
  19. “The Door To Endlessness”–Shabazz Palaces

Source: Polygon


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