The Long-Lost Dragon Ball Z Episode Narrated by Johnny Bravo Has Been Unearthed at Last

Johnny Bravo seated behind a table holding a phone to his ear and speaking in JBVO: Your All Request Cartoon Show.

Image: Hanna-Barbera Studios/Cartoon Network Studios

The millenium was a strange time for tv, loaded with peculiar spin-off programs as well as strange industrial projects that look like even more like hallucinations than truth. Occasionally, some brave media excavator will certainly exhume a specifically interesting item of pop social ephemera from the electronic dustbin of background for modern-day target markets to gaze at in confused recognition.

Case in factor: this lengthy shed episode of JBVO: Your All Request Cartoon Show, the temporary talk program spin-off of Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo, including the eponymous proto-himbo narrating over a sped-up episode of Dragon Ball Z.

Uploaded to Internet Archive on Tuesday by “SandersPlanet” as well as “Jericho” prior to being shared by YouTuber LSuperSonicQ over Twitter on Wednesday, the episode “I’ve Been Practicing” attributes Johnny Bravo responding to a “live” customer demand to broadcast an episode of Dragon Ball Z in which Goku battles versus Frieza. After clarifying to the customer that he can’t broadcast an entire half-hour episode of Dragon Ball Z, Johnny chooses to make a giving in: He’ll broadcast the episode concerned, yet it’ll be fast-forwarded to conserve time.

The scene is the type of speculative, WTF-inducing enjoyable regular of Cartoon Network’s late-night shows of that period, made extra humorous by Johnny’s perplexed discourse over what’s taking place. JBVO: Your All Request Cartoon Show most definitely seems like an item of Cartoon Network’s various other efforts at “hosted” anime talk programs, like 1993’s The Moxy Show as well as 1994’s Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

To day, just 2 of the collection’ 28 episodes have actually been recouped. What are the possibilities of all the episodes locating their method online? Not likely, yet wish springtimes timeless!


Source: Polygon

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