The Last of Us’ Nick Offerman’s video game fixation ended with Banjo-Kazooie

Nick Offerman, best understood for his function as the gruff parks department head in Parks and Rec, most just recently starred as Bill in recently’s episode of The Last of Us. The surprisingly poignant love story informed in the 3rd episode of the HBO zombie survival series is a departure from Bill and Frank’s original storyline in the game. Offerman muffled Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday to discuss the function and about singing a Linda Ronstandt tune for his efficiency.

Naturally, Kimmel asked Offerman if he had actually ever played the game The Last of Us. While the response to that concern was a fast no, Offerman discussed why. Turns out, he’s not completely a complete stranger to video games. He simply made the intentional option never ever to select one up once again after losing 2 weeks of his life to Rare’s 1998 platformer Banjo-Kazooie.

“I decided I’m never going to do that again,” Offerman stated to Kimmel, after stating the sweet dopamine rush and subsequent fall that followed beating Banjo-Kazooie. “Thankfully, because games have gotten so good… that I think I’d be in a basement and I wouldn’t even be going to audition for shows like [The Last of Us].”

Though Bill most likely won’t appear in additional episodes of The Last of Us, brand-new episodes drop on Sundays.


Source: Polygon

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