The Last of Us lastly repaid its giraffe tease

Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) standing on a balcony of a brick building covered in ivy.

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Fitting a giraffe right into the first season of The Last of Us might have looked like an uphill struggle, at the very least to those not familiar with the game. Before that, the only area you can think of seeing such a pet is as a plushie, possibly discarded as well as deserted to the components (as we in fact did see, in an episode 2 Easter egg). But that was ready the phase for the large — or, at the very least, a large — scene in the period 1 ending, where Ellie reaches animal a giraffe.

Like so much of the show, it’s a minute drew practically straight from the game. Ellie (Bella Ramsey) is still recuperating from fighting her escape of a fundamentalist cannibal cult in episode 8. Joel (Pedro Pascal) can see she’s far-off as well as not incredibly thrilled — at the very least, up until they’re checking out Salt Lake City. Here the scene plays out practically identically to the game, total with Ellie passing away Joel the ladder just to allow it drop when she initially finds the pet. The 2 view in marvel as a giraffe forages on the plants surpassing the deserted framework they’re in.

The scene could appear brilliant, uplifting, as well as level of area in an otherwise overwhelmingly bleak post-apocalyptic story. But thus much of The Last of Us, the giraffe scene reverberates on an extra heartbreaking degree, a last peaceful minute in between Joel as well as Ellie securing in the physical violence to find later on.

[Ed. note: The rest of this post contains spoilers for the finale of The Last of Us season 1.]

The whole of The Last of Us, as both a very first game as well as a very first period, develops towards Joel’s rampage: After numerous phases of Joel quickly warranting physical violence — versus infected or ruthless humans — the Fireflies’ healthcare facility really feels much less apparent. On the one hand, he recognizes that Ellie’s resistance could be the very best opportunity the globe has for a treatment. On the various other, Marlene states it “could” be a treatment, leaving a great deal of space for him to focus on the more crucial point to him, Ellie herself.

Joel (Pedro Pascal) wrapping his jacket around a shaken and bloodied Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in the snow

Photo: Liane Hentscher/HBO

That bond obtains secured in the existence of the giraffes. After seeing her fight through so much, getting in touch with her via attacks from clickers as well as pun books alike, Joel had actually currently quit considering her “cargo” as well as began seeing her as even more of a surrogate child. As he conveniences her at the end of episode 8, “When We Are in Need,” he also calls her “baby girl,” much like he called Sarah.

The giraffe minute, after that, is a means to strengthen his vision of himself as a safety dad. After feeling her range as well as injury, the means Ellie brighten as she chases after the giraffe is a suggestion that there’s a youngster therein, with an universe in advance of her. For Ellie, it’s a suggestion that there is a tranquility as well as tranquility in a globe that (as we’ve seen it) has actually been so noted by physical violence as well as chaos.

For Joel it’s a link to his adult impulses (undoubtedly, in the game Sarah also has that giraffe plushie in her space). You can practically see him making a decision that he would certainly do anything for her, anything to not shed her, also if it indicates killing an entire group of doctor (or simply a little squadron of Fireflies as well as a physician).

The giraffes might appear misplaced, yet they’re a last tip for the period that something innocent as well as kind could survive in this world somehow. For Joel that’s Ellie; for Ellie — well, it’s a short lived eye the relying on life that obtains damaged by Joel’s lie. She’ll need to handle the implications of his activities in period 2, after they’ve gone back to the idyllic Jackson compound. But at least, she’ll have animal a giraffe.


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