The House Of The Dragon Cast Opens Up About Riding ‘The Dragons’ On Set, And It Sounds Totally Unglamorous

A dragon's face on House of the Dragon.

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On House of the Dragon riding a dragon is no simple job. They are unmanageable, yet dedicated animals that can damage anything before them when its cyclist claims “dracarys.” While they threaten yet classy animals in the imaginary globe of Westeros, in the real world dragons don’t exist, the actors needs to ride a maker. Now, the HOTD cast has actually opened regarding the procedure of recording the scenes with dragons, and also it seems rather unglamorous. 

The program is challenging to movie. In the HOTD’s first episode we saw the brutal birth scene along with Daemon and also the king’s guard torturing people in King’s Landing. Then later on in the period, there was a scene in a whorehouse where the extras were “69ing for 12 hours,” according to Milly Alcock. None of these scenes can be simple to movie, and also the celebrities have actually opened regarding just how tough a few of them can be. However, an additional tough element of playing these personalities have to be needing to play pretend on a maker that will at some point appear like a dragon. Matt Smith, that plays Daemon Targaryen, described in a meeting with BBC his aggravation over the dragons in an amusing method, claiming: 

The throwing bronco… they’re shooting like wind and also rainfall at you. And you obtained a blonde wig. And you’re in shield. And you’ve been up there for 9 hrs. And you’re like, ‘Get me down, I want a sandwich..


Eve Best, who plays Rhaenys Targaryen, confirmed that they would be up on the rigs for full days. She was sitting in this interview with her on-screen husband Steve Toussaint, who plays Corlys Velaryon, who hilariously encouraged Best to impersonate the sound the dragon machine makes. She then did it, and noted how she was kind of disappointed by the sounds the dragons on set would make. 

[makes a screeching noise] Because it makes noises! It makes a sort of noise. I thought, I was a little disappointed because it doesn’t in fact appear like a dragon. It’s a kind of stumpy point. But after that it does make these type of outstanding sounds so you do obtain the dragon.


So, it’s on the document, from much of the actors, that recording these dragon scenes is not almost as awesome as it views on display. Between the mechanical sounds, being up there throughout the day, and also as Milly Alcock claimed in the meeting, having actually fallen leave blowers blown in your face, all of it does not appear as well enjoyable. However, it looks superb. 

We’ve obtained some attractive legendary dragon scenes until now on HOTD. From young Rhaenyra claiming “dracarys” to her dragon for the very first time to light her mommy’s burial place ablaze, to Daemon and also Laena Velaryon flying their dragons with each other, there have actually been some incredibly amazing minutes on display. Personally, I believe understanding just how much job they need to place in to draw this off makes it also cooler. 

To see even more dragons and also household dramatization on House of the Dragon, you can see the latest episodes on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO or with an HBO Max subscription

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