The Good Doctor Went Full Grey’s Anatomy To Resolve The Bloody Cliffhanger, But Did It Work To Start Season 6?

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Spoilers in advance for the Season 6 best of The Good Doctor on ABC, called “Afterparty” and also Season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy.

As anticipated after just how the fifth season finale of The Good Doctor finished, Shaun and also Lea’s wedding party was disturbed in the most awful method soon after the Season 6 best started. Fans will certainly keep in mind that the springtime ending finished with Dr. Lim and also Nurse Villaneuva completely stabbed by the registered nurse’s violent ex-spouse, while songs blowing up at the function indicated none of the various other physicians heard what occurred. It looked like the significant story to begin Season 6 would certainly be everything about whether they would certainly endure, however The Good Doctor rather went complete Grey’s Anatomy with a story that recalled to among the dramatization’s most legendary arcs. But is a pointer of one more clinical dramatization a great way to begin Season 6? 

Well, taking into consideration that The Good Doctor finished Season 5 with a scene that entirely advised me of NBC’s long-running medical drama ER and also I definitely returned for even more, any type of Grey’s resemblances possibly won’t do its fellow ABC collection any type of damage! Last period finished with Owen stabbing Villaneuva off-screen, after that stabbing Lim when she stumbled onto the scene. I truthfully believed that was essentially completion of the fierce component of the tale – with Owen as a stabber that would certainly naturally be recorded while the majority of the following episode fixated attempting to conserve Lim. How incorrect I was!

So it came as a shock when Owen obtained his hands on a weapon and also transformed the stabbing circumstance right into an energetic shooter circumstance, and also I for one was right away advised of the Grey’s Anatomy two-parter that finished Season 6 with a shooter eliminating his method with what was after that called Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Even currently, with Season 19 simply days away from premiering, the shooter arc of Grey’s Anatomy attracts attention as one of one of the most frightening, terrible, and also game-changing of the series. If any type of health center dramatization consists of a shooter and also a lockdown with significant personalities divided at crucial minutes, contrasts to Grey’s are unpreventable. 

And I would certainly state that The Good Doctor stands rather well to those contrasts. The 2 programs definitely aren’t the same, for all that they both mainly concentrate on cosmetic surgeons. Back in Season 6, Grey’s had a much bigger set than The Good Doctor does, which indicated it can (and also did) really exterminate some noteworthy personalities to elevate the risks without really securing any one of the top-billed gamers. (R.I.P. Percy and Reed, however.) Not also the shooter or Nurse Villanueva – that I unquestionably believed was a goner back in the Season 5 ending, which you can review streaming with a Hulu subscription – passed away in “Afterparty.” 

The casualty was significantly reduced with the shooter on The Good Doctor contrasted to Grey’s Anatomy, however “Afterparty” did finish in such a way that assured the impacts would certainly remain to be really felt, like they got on Grey’s. Although Lim endured some exceptionally tricky minutes throughout her surgical treatments, she got up to locate herself paralyzed, apparently from the midsection down. That specific spin didn’t take place on Grey’s, however the physicians of Seattle Grace Mercy West most definitely didn’t simply get rid of their distressing circumstance either. 

So, was The Good Doctor’s “Afterparty” a carbon duplicate of Grey’s Anatomy’s shooter two-parter back in 2009? Definitely not. This was a one-hour best that finished with everyone in the much smaller sized set still active, while Grey’s was a two-hour occasion with overpriced risks as quickly as among the physicians was eliminated. Still, the shooter and also health center lockdown indicated that my mind right away mosted likely to Grey’s, and also it was an advantage that The Good Doctor’s best was mainly so strong that the contrasts don’t do any type of damage. (Not certain what I consider Lea as a registered nurse, however.)

See what occurs following on The Good Doctor with brand-new episodes on ABC on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET in the 2022 TV premiere schedule. Shaun appears to have actually prevented any type of specialist repercussions for his failure in the OR many thanks to just how he inevitably conserved the day, and also the composing appears to be on the wall surface for Morgan and also Park as a pair. I’m simply really hoping that Asher captures a break among nowadays!

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