The Festival of the Lost returns to Destiny on October 25

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The headline says all of it, actually.

New loot, trick-or-treating and different enjoyable festivities are returning subsequent week when Festival of the Lost goes reside in Destiny.

According to Bungie, Tyra Karn has a favor to ask on the Iron Temple, and talking of the Iron Temple, The Reef will take part on the celebrations this 12 months. All Crucible matches will happen “in the cover of night” as properly.

New Consumables, Masks and Emotes will be available as previously revealed by dataminers. Players who use a few of the new Consumables will “gain the visage of a Jackolyte” or can spawn as an Engram.

Bad Juju has a new Ornaments and gamers’ Ghost may have distinctive Festival shells. Just hit up the Eververse retailer, we reckon.

Also, as revealed in the patch notes, discarded Holiday gadgets like Masks will be reclaimed from the brand new Holiday Kiosk close to Eva Levante in Tower North. That’s excellent news.

Enjoy the trailer above in addition to the festivities, Guardians.