The Division 2’s snowball gun wreaks havoc with the ol’ hidden-rock trick

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Well, now we’ve got the reply for the everlasting elemental query of who wins: Fire? or Ice? The snowball gun in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 manages to take down a flame-throwing hood with ease.

The Sleigher, as it’s delightfully recognized, arrived with the game’s latest title update on Tuesday. It additionally has a pleasant expertise known as the “Hidden Rock.” No, actually. Land a headshot with the SMG and the goal shall be knocked mindless — confuse results apply for 20 seconds.

A headshot with an atypical SMG is quite robust; with the Sleigher, it’s no gimme. Its accuracy is someplace round 10 p.c. (While stability seems to be about 70 or 80, most likely as a result of what sort of recoil might a snowball create, actually?)

As YouTuber NofactorButSkillz factors out (starting at 6:18 on this video) , The Sleigher’s expertise combines very properly with the unique BTSU gloves’ Energy Infusion expertise. It’s a whole lot of technical stuff, however principally, the gloves take the standing impact from The Sleigher and impart it to the participant’s throwable ability, whereas whopping enemies for one more 50 p.c injury whereas they’re confused. Got all that?

Needless to say, NofactorButSkillz is a participant with 500 gear rating and just about each unique merchandise on the high of the meals chain, so it’s not like everybody who finds The Sleigher goes to be throwing down like that. But the opening of that video exhibits him clearing out an Outcast management level earlier than the boss, a heavy with a flamethrower, may even reply (thanks largely to the seeker mines).

As for the place to search out this weapon, each YouTuber and their sibling has 5 where-to-find movies up by now; Ubisoft’s streamers discovered theirs on the Lincoln Memorial. Look for unhealthy guys with a Santa hat on. If you are taking down an elite with one, he drops the Sleigher, and it’s yours.