The Blonde Scene With Ana De Armas Some Viewers Say Went Too Far

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Warning: LOOTERS for Blonde are in advance!

There has actually been a great deal of discuss exactly how disturbing the movie adjustment of Joyce Carol Oates’ publication Blonde has actually been to see scene after scene. This historic fiction assumption of Marilyn Monroe’s life has to do with the misuse that was hypothesized the Hollywood starlet withstood. But after months of considering why Blonde was rated NC-17, we might have obtained the response with the sexually ruthless scene with audiences claiming it went also much.

Towards the 3rd component of Blonde, the hardcore scene that probably earned Blonde an NC-17 rating programs Marilyn Monroe, played by Ana de Armas, being accompanied to President John F. Kennedy’s space, where she is prompted by quiet federal government representatives to head to the washroom to fresh up. Then, she’s brought in right into Kennedy’s space, where he’s on the phone pushing the bed. Kennedy activities the Blonde Bombshell to offer him a handjob, paradoxically shooting down various other females in his life he “molested” while on the phone.

While he just speaks with Monroe to inform her to rush or maintain going, he obtains distressed with for how long she’s taking and also orders her to do foreplay on him. There might not be any type of nakedness revealed, yet supervisor Andrew Dominik reveals a close-up of Monroe’s face during throughout the show a voiceover narrative of Ana de Armas claiming that “Marilyn” is doing this which Norma Jean Baker, Monroe’s real character, wasn’t also existing.

People on Twitter couldn’t assist yet be upset by this sexually visuals scene. @underherskins tweeted a picture of a Carly Shay from iCarly looking shateringly at her computer system display with the listed below inscription: 

this scene with jfk is in fact outrageous… andrew dominik you’re going to heck.


Well, Andrew Dominick promised there would be something in Blonde “to offend everyone.” It appears like he obtained his dream. @theeSNYDERVERSE felt this scene was “disrespectful” and also quit seeing the film hereafter scene played. This individual plainly saw the movie much longer than many, whereas according to Movieguide, several Netflix customers switched off Blonde after 20 mins.

The 2 minute lengthy blowjob scene shot with a severe closeup on Ana DeArmas’s face while she’s drawing JFK off is where I formally and also emotionally had a look at. Disrespectful.


@AngieJolieStan was really hoping that the Kennedy family members would file a claim against Netflix and also everybody behind Blonde for insinuating that JFK raped Marilyn Monroe. Speculations of an event in between Marilyn Monroe and also JFK followed Monroe sang swiftly to the President the “Happy Birthday” tune at Madison Square Garden, yet absolutely nothing was ever before validated that both of them remaining in a major sex-related partnership.

#blonde because Marilyn didn’t leave any type of family members behind, I really hope the John F Kennedy family members takes legal action against the heck out of Netflix, Andrew Dominik, Ana de Armas & Brad Pitt for incorrectly declaring JFK raped Marilyn. #MeToo


@taboodevil called Blonde “a sick horror movie” while noting every one of the important things the film failed with. Other than the JFK scene, this individual stated the naked scenes, the “anti-abortion” scene of Monroe speaking to an expected CGI child, glamorizing her psychological wellness and also even more.

Everything incorrect with the film blonde
-Marylin Monroe speaking to her expected cgi child
-all the naked shots
-JFK scene
-glamorizing her psychological wellness
-glamorizing SA and also DA
This entire film is an unwell scary film #BlondeNetflix


Blonde presently has a 42% on Rotten Tomatoes with a 32% target market rating. While the critics have been praising Ana de Armas’ performance, Twitter responses have been brutal concerning the film overall. A great deal of feedbacks were claiming not to see Blonde, calling it words like “sexist” and also “disrespectful,” along with claiming it does refrain from doing an excellent work in recognizing the life of Marilyn Monroe. This will certainly make me ask yourself if Blonde takes a crack at throughout honors period, or perhaps if entirely Ana de Armas will certainly obtain the honors buzz for her efficiency.

JFK compeling Marilyn Monroe to do a strike work for him appeared to be the last straw to a great deal of Netflix clients. If your interest ignited you concerning what is making individuals on Twitter so upset concerning this scene, you can still see Blonde on your Netflix subscription

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