The finest Nightwing’s Butt Artist is back on duty

Art of Nightwing through his various costumes and eras. In most cases he is posed facing the camera, except for center front, where he has his back to the viewer, looking over his shoulder. His rear is lovingly rendered.

Nicola Scott/ DC Comics

DC Comics is guaranteeing a brand-new day with Dawn of DC, the firm’s 2023 posting campaign, readied to supply brand-new updates for heroes as well as very easy getting on factors for viewers around the DCUniverse But the firm’s newest statement makes sure to please veteran followers too: Nicola Scott will certainly attract the brand-new Titans collection.

Which implies she reaches attractNightwing’s butt again

It’s informal however very winked-at tradition in DC Comics that Dick Grayson, née Robin, currently Nightwing, matured to have among the tightest butts in the superhero neighborhood, as talked about byheroes, villains, and his girlfriends alike And while it’s the sort of memetic point that’s tough to map back to any type of solitary source, Scott’s making of a reverse shot of the personality in Secret Six # 9 (2009) is taken into consideration to have actually hadan outsize effect Scott has traditionallyembraced the blame/honor

DC had actually formerly introduced a brand-new Titans collection (as well as it was teased as just recently as last week’s issue of Nightwing), starring a schedule acquainted to followers of the traditional 1980 comic collection as well as the Teen Titans computer animated collection alike. But the imaginative group behind it was formally under covers up until today. Scott will certainly coordinate with Nightwing author Tom Taylor (Superman: Son of Kal-El, Suicide Squad), with the Titans Tower rebuilt in Dick Grayson’s residence stomping premises of Bl üdhaven (think about it as the Newark, NJ, to Gotham’s New York, NY).

The firm additionally exposed 2 various other imaginative groups on Dawn of DC publications, Morgan Hampton (grad of DC’s Milestone Initiative ability advancement program) as well as Tom Raney (Uncanny X-Men, Avengers Academy) on a Cyborg solo collection– as well as Jeremy Adams as well as Xerm ánico on Green Lantern (changing Mariko Tamaki as well as an an unannounced musician, as well as relabeling as well as redoubling guide from Hal Jordan especially to Green Lantern normally).

Titans # 1, Cyborg # 1, as well as Green Lantern # 1 will certainly strike racks inMay

Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Nightwing, Beast Boy, Donna Troy, and Wally West/Flash on the cover of Titans #1 (2023).

Image: Nicola Scott/ DC Comics

Candid Polaroids of the Titans are strewn around a table with an open pizza box in the background. The Polaroids spell TITANS.

Image: Simone Di Meo/ DC Comics

Cyborg dashes out onto a football field.

Image: Edwin Galmon/ DC Comics

Concept art of Hal Jordan, Green Lantern.

Image: Xerm ánico/ DC Comics

Sinestro is incognito in a leather jacket on a rainy city street.

Image: Lucio Parrillo/ DC Comics

Simon Baz/Green Lantern, winds up a big green hammer to smash a carnival game as a woman and a kid look on.

Image: Ariel Colon/ DC Comics

A graphic timeline for DC’s announced Dawn of DC books, with Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Teen Titans logos all highlighted for the month of May.

Image: DC Comics


Source: Polygon


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