That raven in The Legend of Vox Machina’s introduction is vital to period 2

A raven soars through yellow magic swirls in the opening to The Legend of Vox Machina

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The second season of The Legend of Vox Machina is below, as well as a fair bit unravels in between the 3 best episodes. If you’ve been enjoying the Critical Role computer animated collection considering that episode 1, however, you’ve currently been dealt with to a nod to among period 2’s significant gamers.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for The Legend of Vox Machina episodes 1-3 of season 2 and minor spoilers for its Critical Role campaign setting.]

In episode 2, Vox Machina is provided a soaring payment by Osysa, a sphinx hiding underneath the Slayer’s Take: Find the Vestiges of Divergence, the god-killing devices that stick around following Tal’Dorei’s apocalyptic occasion, theCalamity She routes them to discover the Deathwalker’s Ward, which was when put on by the champ of the Matron ofRavens

Who is the Matron of Ravens?

According to a fast review by Will Friedle’s Kashaw “Kash” Vesh in episode 3, the Matron of Ravens is Tal’Dorei’s variation of a fatality siren. He talks about the Matron’s champ, Purvan Suul– the best-named personality in Critical Role background?– as well as Zahra Hydris (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) points out that the siren “won’t let her treasures go so easily.”

Kash’s deep dive as well as Osysa’s payment aren’t always the very first experiences Vox Machina has actually had with the fatality siren. During the very first episode, we obtain what is possibly our very first peek of the Matron, tracking with the bodies scattered around Emon using a light mask as well as moving black bathrobes– Vax’ ildan (Liam O’Brien) is the only personality to witness her flow.

The matron of ravens lurks in the dusty remains of battle with a brandished sword in Legend of Vox Machina

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The buddy tome The World of Critical Role broadens somewhat on the Matron of Ravens’ backstory, keeping in mind that she is thought “to be the only mortal to have successfully achieved godhood, eclipsing the previous god of death” which she values “embracing one’s destiny.” Matthew Mercer’s Tal’Dorei campaign setting, Reborn, created by Mercer, Hannah Rose, as well as James J. Haeck, points out that minority holy places that include the Matron illustrate her as a “tall, pale woman wrapped in dangling black linens, her onyx-black hair straight and never-ending, her face obscured by a white porcelain mask.”

Of the Tal’Doreian pantheon, the Matron is just one of simply a couple of gods that Vox Machina have actually come across in the computer animated collection. Season 1 presented customers to Pike Trickfoot’s siren, the Everlight, and also as the staff goes into the city of Vasselheim in episode 2 they keep in mind the numerous holy places to the Wildmother, the Stormlord, the Lawbearer, as well as the Matron herself.

If you saw episode 3, “The Sunken Tomb,” you recognize that fatality’s impact bordersVox Machina As they seek the Deathwalker’s Ward in the champ’s burial place, they experience murals of the Matron as well as Purvan, portraying the Matron’s champ kneeling as well as big birds abusing adversaries on a field of battle. After opening up the coffin of the dropped champ, Vex (Laura Bailey) is stunned by a screw of black power, as well as raven plumes drop around her limp type in the results.

Vex, up close against and backed by white light, has her eyes open in shock as raven feathers fall alongside her in The Legend of Vox Machina

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Ravens have actually been a running style throughout The Legend of Vox Machina from the dive. In the title series, a raven is the very first point the target market sees, winging with the skies prior to changing right into a profusion of gold light that strings itself with the introduction. As the introduction advances, it’s clear that we’re seeing points at the very least partly from the raven’s viewpoint, and also as the songs crests near completion of the series the bird flies straight overVox Machina

For followers of the real play, it’s an exceptional nod to the Matron of Ravens’ ultimate look– and also as the result of “The Sunken Tomb” unravels, it’s most likely we have not seen the last of the siren of fatality or her feathery buddies.


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