Tempest Rising is essentially a brand-new Command & Conquer

GDI, Nod, and also Tiberium are all represented

Tempest Rising
(Image credit rating: THQ Nordic)

Tempest Rising is a brand-new real-time method game from Slipgate Ironworks and also THQ Nordic, and also it’s an extremely straight, noticeable, and also caring homage to the initial Command & Conquer.

In the not-too-distant future, a strange source called Tempest (Tiberium, in C&C terms) has actually instantly shown up, and also the game’s 2 usable intrigues are combating a battle over it. The GDF (GDI) is a well-funded federal government army combating the Tempest Dynasty (Brotherhood of Nod) cult. Each intrigue has its very own solo project, and also there’s additionally an as-yet-unrevealed 3rd intrigue that will certainly show up in multiplayer.

If the setup and also intrigues had not tipped it off, the UI, aesthetic therapies, objective style, and also also audio results the devs received a quick gameplay discussion make perfectly clear that this is a love letter to C&C. The objective we saw included a little team of GDF soldiers going down right into the objective, combating Dynasty pressures, and also establishing a base for a bigger range dispute.

There are ecological results like blowing up barrels, which you can trigger in a domino effect to effectively remove opponents. You’ll additionally have the ability to capitalize on professional systems with distinct capabilities, like the alternative to recover neighboring systems. Completing benefit goals will certainly open these professional systems for usage in more project goals.

The devs state they’ve been dealing with the game for 3 years in “complete secrecy,” and also Tempest Rising is currently arranged to release for computer in 2023.

Tempest Rising is definitely doing its ideal to court contrasts with a lot of the best RTS games.


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