Team Fortress 2 Issue #6 is a rollercoaster of highs, lows, nudity and dying

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Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer class shooter with no actual narrative. Why am I so into its lore?


Team Fortress 2 is a massively profitable sport, and Valve’s monetisation of it’s actually fascinating, however generally I simply wish to discuss its lore and neglect all that.

On that subject, there’s a brand new challenge of the Team Fortress 2 comedian out right now. You can learn TF2 Issue #6: The Naked and the Dead on the Team Fortress 2 website.

Even if you happen to’re solely vaguely conscious of the existence of Team Fortress 2, I’d suggest checking it out, as a result of it’s fairly humorous and has some touching and epic moments. You may additionally wish to browse the TF2 comic archives and browse again points. Seriously. I don’t even play Team Fortress 2 and I dig these things so, a lot.

With an intermittent series of animated shorts, comedian points and in-game occasions, Valve has constructed a world round Team Fortress 2. It’s a particularly foolish world, however nonetheless one the place it’s simple to get invested within the friendships firmly grounded in synergistic courses, to embrace lengthy working jokes, and to nonetheless be stunned on the twists, turns and character growth in any case these years.

Even with a solid constructed from such shallow archetypes (“Soldier” and “Heavy”, for goodness sake), Team Fortress 2 actually fronts some good things. My favourites are Medic and Miss Pauling. Tell me yours.