Street Fighter 5 Season 2 patch notes affirm leaked options, element buffs and nerfs

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Street Fighter 5 Season 2 has some surprises, but additionally quite a lot of issues we anticipated.


Street Fighter 5 is getting an enormous replace forward of Season 2, which kicks off this week when Akuma rolls out as a part of the 2017 character cross.

The patch notes beneath affirm particulars leaked via a Street Fighter 5 beta branch on Steam:

  • Direct Input controller assist
    We are completely happy to announce that Street Fighter V on Steam now formally helps Direct Input controllers. You’ll discover this within the Other Settings part of Options.
  • Background Music Select
    In Battle Settings, you’ll now be capable of choose your most well-liked music in Training and Versus Modes in addition to Casual and Ranked matches.
  • Fighter Profile Radar Charts
    Additional updates and fixes have been applied into Fighter Profiles.
  • Updated Rage Quit System
    The present Rage Quit System has resulted in a major lower in rage quitting. That mentioned, we all the time deliberate to take this one step additional and are able to additional deal with the difficulty with this replace. In addition to shedding League Points and being locked out of on-line matchmaking for a set time, the next additions have been made to the system:

    • Matchmaking Update – Players who often disconnect throughout matches will now be extra more likely to be matched up with different gamers who exhibit comparable habits. The similar applies for honorable gamers who hardly ever, if ever disconnect; they are going to be matched up with comparable gamers.
    • Player Profile Icons – The worst offenders and probably the most honorable gamers may even have a particular icon displayed on their Fighter Profiles.
    • League Points Deduction – Anytime a participant disconnects throughout a match, their League Points will likely be deducted as if it was a loss.

There’s additionally the anticipated spherical of balancing, with a big swathe of Street Fighter 5’s characters getting a piece over.

“We’ve been paying attention all year long and these balance changes are the combined result of Capcom Pro Tour tournaments, online play, player feedback, and internal testing,” the writer mentioned in a Capcom Unity weblog submit.

“The goal was to ensure a rich, diverse gameplay experience with each character that both players and spectators can enjoy.”

The full Street Fighter 5 Season 2 character stability patch notes are so prolonged Capcom has launched them as a PDF, however right here’s the manager abstract:


  • Many changes have been made to invincible strikes that don’t use meter. Since there was an enormous distinction between characters who had invincible strikes and people who didn’t, reminiscent of a Shoryuken, many modifications have been made to strikes that had been invincible with no price.
  • Parameters and hit conditions for all regular throws have been adjusted. Changes have been made to characters who can loop throws on the fringe of the display. Even after the changes, there will likely be some characters who can loop throws, as these parameters have been adjusted much less in comparison with different characters.
  • Due to modifications to the sport, some common assaults have been adjusted for every character. Along with modifications 1 and a couple of, and the opposite modifications to the sport, characters who had been capable of assault extra typically and had a protracted attain turned considerably stronger. Due to this, whatever the energy of the character, common assaults for all characters have been adjusted.
    Character Specific

  • Ryu
    Ryu’s Shoryuken properties have been revised, whereas his common assaults have been modified to match the modifications to your entire recreation. In addition to these modifications, Ryu can now V-Trigger cancel the second hit of the Jodan Sanrengeki in addition to particular cancel his standing HP throughout V-Trigger, in the end widening the moveset that can be utilized throughout footsies.
  • Ken
    Ken’s airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku parameters have been adjusted because the assault was fairly robust. Although which will have weakened him within the air barely, we made it so the Lion Breaker will be cancelled into his V-Skill, permitting Ken the power to land excessive injury on the bottom relying on the scenario.
  • Chun-Li
    Chun-Li’s particular strikes reminiscent of Hyakuretsukyaku (each grounded and airborne) and Kikoken have been revised, and changes to advantageous parameters have been made. The period of her V-Trigger has been shortened, however V-gauge is less complicated to refill as she now has extra assaults from V-Skill and elevated combo potential. Additionally, her new particular transfer cancels have given her a wider vary of assault selection.
  • M. Bison
    Adjustments have been made to Psycho Reflect, the place the participant now will get to decide on once they wish to shoot the projectile obtained from absorbing an assault or projectile. Additionally, EX Psycho Blast vary has been elevated, permitting it to succeed in the sting of the display, offering extra choices for assault. Hit invincibility has been added to EX Head Press throughout V-Trigger, giving him some defensive buffs as effectively.
  • Nash
    Moves that had been used often throughout footsies have been adjusted. Advantages on Side Knee Attack and Sonic Boom have been adjusted and a brand new goal combo that features Bullet Clear has been added to offer him the power to go on the offensive whereas in shut vary.
  • Karin
    Parameters for many of Karin’s common assault have been revised. As Karin’s main weak point was her lack of anti-airs, an airborne goal combo has been added to strengthen her anti-air skills.
  • Cammy
    With the revision to Cammy’s Cannon Spike, her protection has weakened just a little. However, offsetting that is the addition of recent combo prospects and optimistic modifications to her benefit after sure assaults have landed.
  • Birdie
    Birdie’s assaults have been adjusted to match the final modifications to the sport. The benefit after sure assaults have elevated, together with the power to comply with Standing HK to Standing MP and Crouching HP to H Hanging Chain.
  • Necalli
    Parameters for all of Necalli’s predominant strikes have been revised. Opening Dagger can solely be charged whereas V-Trigger is lively, giving him a wider vary of offensive choices.
  • Vega
    Parameters for a few of Vega’s regular assaults have been revised. As Vega’s injury output was usually questionable, Aurora Spin Edge and Crimson Terror have been strengthened, growing the return once they land.
  • Rashid
    Rashid’s assault choices have been elevated by making it simpler to do combos that embody V-trigger and CA. Additionally, his leaping MP has been adjusted in order that it could actually combo into Airborne Eagle Spike, growing his anti-air skills.
  • R. Mika
    R. Mika’s properties for Passion Press and Passion Rope Throw have been revised in order that she will not combine up the opponent wherever, anytime. She additionally now has an airborne goal combo, growing her anti-air skills.
  • Zangief
    The benefit and distance between Zangief and the opponent when his strikes land or are blocked has been adjusted, giving him extra alternatives to decide on between hits and throws. All particular strikes together with Double Lariat have been adjusted.
  • Dhalsim
    Dhalsim’s particular and regular strikes used often throughout footsies have been strengthened, leading to a rise in his skill to regulate vary.
  • F.A.N.G
    F.A.N.G’s assaults often used at mid-range have been adjusted to be barely slower, nonetheless the benefit on hit has been elevated. As injury output with F.A.N.G was questionable, particular strikes can now be carried out with out cost throughout V-Trigger to permit for greater injury potential.
  • Laura
    Laura’s assaults have been adjusted to extend her general combo potential. Additionally, her benefit after combos has been adjusted in order that it’s simpler for her to proceed offense.
  • Alex
    To match the modifications within the recreation, Alex’s mid-range assaults have change into just a little slower. However, Alex’s shut vary injury output has elevated as new combo alternatives reminiscent of, Crouching LP > L Flash Chop and Lariat > Standing MP have been added. Additionally, the anti-air skill of crouching HP has been improved, making it simpler to do injury when he correctly reads the opponent.
  • Guile
    Adjustments have been made to Guile’s distinctive assaults, reminiscent of lowering the hurtbox round his toes throughout the Rolling Sobat and growing the benefit on his Knee Bazooka and Reverse Spin Kick. By growing the energy of those assaults, there ought to be a rise within the quantity of distinctive strikes used throughout footsies.
  • Ibuki
    Ibuki’s sprint has been sped up in addition to her bounce to assist her shut the space in opposition to the opponent faster. Her standing MK has additionally been strengthened significantly to supply extra assault/protection choices as soon as she will get in.
  • Balrog
    Balrog now has extra methods to interrupt via the opponent’s guard. Changes, reminiscent of minimizing the restoration on Buffalo Pressure, will increase his combine up potential and making crouching MK a low hit provides him higher excessive/low choices. Special strikes reminiscent of Screw Smash have been modified from cost strikes to command strikes to assist with offense, whereas changes have been made to every stage of Turn Punch, to extend how a lot house Balrog can transfer right away.
  • Juri
    Attack properties of Juri’s regular assaults have been adjusted whereas combo potential has been elevated via modifications to her standing MP to standing MK. Additionally, her skill to cancel all variations of Fuharenkyaku along with her V-Skill permit her higher motion choices.
  • Urien
    Some of Urien’s regular assaults have been revised, leading to a rise in a higher benefit after these assaults hit or are blocked. Another offensive enchancment is that leaping LK can now cross-up, leading to extra offensive selection. On the defensive aspect, crouching HP startup has been quickened in an effort to extend his anti-air skills.

Resident Street Fighter 5 aficionado Alex was seen on Twitter at this time weeping, beating his breast and bleating the title “Cammy” so I collect not all of those modifications are happening in addition to Capcom may need hoped. Isn’t balancing enjoyable?