Stardew Valley programmer makes computer animated video for Alvvays

Alvvays is an indie pop band based out of Toronto, and also their most current video is developed by an unforeseen musician: ConcernedApe, likewise calledEric Barone Barone is the programmer of traditional ranch sim Stardew Valley and also Haunted Chocolatier, an RPG presently in advancement.

The unanticipated cooperation was the outcome of a collection of arbitrary occasions. Molly Rankin, singer and also guitar player for Alvvays, sent out the programmer an e-mail asking if he would certainly want adding an art piece to thegame Barone approved, and also began thinking of concepts while paying attention to Alvvays’ Blue Rev cd. “I felt like, ‘I can’t just draw an image, I gotta go all the way,” Barone claims in a phone call withPolygon “It’s just the kind of person I am. It’s hard for me to restrain myself to a very simple thing.”

While Barone is recognized for pixel art, like the little characters and also pictures that stand for the farmer’s good friends in Stardew Valley, he took a much more speculative procedure with the video. The personalities take a trip with a collection of unique and also distinctive settings motivated by side-scrollers.

“I had to learn new stuff too, because there’s a 3D section, and I’ve never done 3D stuff before,” claimsBarone “I had to learn completely new concepts for that, but that was fun. And I might be able to use that in the future — I always thought I’d never make a 3D game, but after this I feel like I could and it would actually be kind of fun and interesting.”

Alvvays plays Stardew Valley usually on trip, bringing numerous Switches when driving. “I think there’s like an element of humanity and empathy in Stardew,” claims Rankin in a phone call withPolygon “It’s meditative and just sort of this universe you can get lost in for a long period of time where no one really dies and everything is fairly light.”

The band was stunned at Barone’s effort in developing a whole video, yet it synced well with the styles of the cd. “It’d be safe to say we don’t want to make music that feels like being on the internet,” claims Alec O’Hanley, guitar player, in the exact same telephone call. “We actively do try to create work that reflects an earlier indeterminant era. Much of our favorite works accomplish that, whether it’s an album or a painting or a video game. We try not to delve too deep into nostalgia, but we also don’t consider that a dirty word. By any stretch.”


Source: Polygon


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