Some Shiny Pokémon look totally different in Pokémon Home

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A Pokémon Home screen showing many Pokémon in a box

Image: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon followers have spent the week transferring their collections into Pokémon Home, the cloud-based storage app that makes shifting compendiums between games simpler. Through this course of, some customers have discovered that some uncommon monsters’ appears to be like have been up to date.

The most evident improve was the primary to be observed by gamers. Shiny Pokémon — uncommon variants of the essential creatures — have sprites in Pokémon Home that truly present they’re Shiny now. You can see it at a look now, with out having to faucet the critter and skim its description.

A collection within Pokémon Home.

Image: The Pokémon Company

But, some Shiny fashions themselves have really modified as nicely. Castform, a monster that may morph into varied kinds relying on the climate, now has Shiny colors to match each of its variants, for instance.

Castform isn’t the only one.

Actually, Minior’s Shiny can come in a few different color ways, gamers have discovered.

There’s more!

Magearna, notably, simply didn’t have a Shiny model earlier than. Beyond being a pleasant contact for gamers, this tweak additionally has implications for the Pokémon anime.

While these Shiny adjustments might not apply to everybody, Home customers additionally notice that standard creatures have acquired slight coloration tweaks, or character updates. In quick, it’s good to simply look at your assortment now due to all of the crisp 3D fashions.