Some Overwatch 2 gamers have actually been essentially caught in ‘elo heck’ for weeks – and also Blizzard only simply informed them

Junker Queen - Overwatch 2
(Image credit scores: Blizzard)

Many Overwatch 2 gamers just found out of a significant insect in the game’s affordable setting after Blizzard provided a repair.

With Overwatch 2 taking the collection in a free-to-play instructions, a great deal has actually transformed in Blizzard’s multiplayer FPS. The initial Overwatch’s ability ranking system has actually been placed out to field, changed with an affordable setting that can be a genuine work if you’re seeking to place up. Since launch, several gamers have actually located themselves not able to leave Bronze 5, which it ends up is really a pest, something which Blizzard disregarded to point out previously.

As shared by individual SeeOurTea on the Overwatch subreddit (opens up in brand-new tab), the most up to date Overwatch 2 spot notes have the complying with repair, “Resolved an issue where some players could be stuck in Bronze 5 even after several rank updates”. While this rates information for gamers that located themselves not able to proceed via the rankings, Blizzard’s silence bordering the problem has actually been met a bargain of disappointment. “So you’re telling us that instead of warning people that this was an issue, you just left them to pointlessly grind in comp?” states SeeOurTea.

so_youre_telling_us_that_instead_of_warning from r/Overwatch

One gamer composes, “It’s the kind of gross oversight that a finished competitive product should never launch with.” Another states, “My friend uninstalled the game because he couldn’t rank up from bronze 5 for weeks, even with a positive win rate,” including, “I understand the frustration, and I can see why a lot of people stopped playing.” Moreover, some claim that the problems with affordable setting created them to give up having fun, and also regardless of the repair, they will not be going back to the game.

In various other Overwatch 2 information, Blizzard states the game’s lengthy load times are due to the unpopularity of support characters and also is presenting adjustments to make the duty much more luring for gamers. Despite the game’s teething troubles, Overwatch 2 has more than double the daily number of players contrasted to the initial Overwatch in its initial month after launch. 

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