«Смесь Sea of Thieves, Left 4 Dead и FTL»: анонсирован Jump Ship — кооп-шутан от..

“A blend of Sea of Thieves, Left 4 Dead and FTL”: Jump Ship is announced — a first-person cooperative shooter

Journalists reviewed the new game from It Takes Two, Minecraft, and Mirror’s Edge developers:

A team of four people embarks on a journey across the universe and completes various missions;
Players need to monitor the condition of the spaceship and repair it;
It’s a PvE game, no PvP mode will be available;
You can take over alien spaceships and fight with enemies in open space;
Enemies can also attack the player’s ship;
The team will also have to manage the functions of the ship in a mini-game styled after FTL: Faster Than Light.

There’s no release date yet, but the game will be released on PC and Xbox Series.

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