Skyrim Special Edition: methods to get one of the best distinctive weapons

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Become a legend through the use of a legend with one among these dangerous boys.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is filled with a lot loot that no two gamers are prone to have the identical inventories after a few minutes of play. Weapons are after all vitally essential – however which do you have to select?

In reality there’s not a lot an absolute ‘best’ weapon in Skyrim because of the truth that some cautious use of enchantments and different mechanics could make nearly any weapon viable at any problem – even your naked fists! With that mentioned, a number of the most well-known weapons within the sport are the distinctive weapons – particular weapons that may be present in particular locations or via sure quests. Each distinctive weapon has its personal set properties, a singular identify, and fairly often an enchantment that’ll give it some particular edge or one other.

While we extremely advocate you discover and see what you’ll be able to see, right here’s just a few of our favorite distinctive weapons in Skyrim for every sort of weapon – and the place to seek out them.

Skyrim Unique Weapons: The Best Daggers

There are over ten distinctive daggers within the sport, however we’re going to focus down on a pair that we expect are notably glorious. If you’re a stealth-driven character construct, these may show vital weapons for you for fairly a while.

Mehrune’s Razor

Mehrune’s Razor is an honest little dagger because of its base harm stat of 11, however what actually units it aside is its enchantment. Any hit with Mehrune’s Razor has an opportunity to immediately kill, which is simply a superb energy.

In order to get Mehrune’s Razor you’ll need to full the hunt ‘Pieces of the Past’ and on the finish of the hunt kill Silus Vesuius. You’ll be invited to do that quest when you hit degree 20 through a courier, or you’ll be able to encounter the hunt by hanging out round Dawnstar; NPCs will point out Silus’ museum, which is the place you must go with the intention to set off the mission.

Blade of Woe

This dagger is much more highly effective than Mehrune’s Razor with a base harm stat of 12, and its enchantment is helpful for slugfest fights – every hit absorbs 10 factors of well being.

The Blade of Woe might be acquired from an NPC throughout the Death Incarnate quest, a part of the Dark Brotherhood faction’s quest line. You can even observe the early steps of their quest line and kill Astrid throughout the With Friends Like These quest line. You’ll be capable to take the Blade of Woe from her physique, however you’ll not be capable to be a part of the brotherhood.


Skyrim Unique Weapons: The Best Maces

There’s a extra scant variety of distinctive maces within the sport, however a few of them are nonetheless fairly spectacular. Maces are actually for individuals who want to construct an actual power-house of a personality. Of the distinctive maces, we solely actually suppose one is especially spectacular, but it surely’s a very good one.

The Mace of Molag Bal

This Daedric artifact is fairly highly effective with a base harm stat of 16. It additionally comes with an ecnhantment that offers 25 harm to Stamina and Magicka in addition to the well being harm you’ll do. On high of all that, if the goal dies inside three seconds, you’ll fill a soul gem.

The mace is given to you after you full the Daedric Quest House of Horrors. In town of Markarth a chap referred to as Tyranus will ask you to assist search an deserted home. As quickly as you enter the home – with or with out his prompting – this quest will begin. Finish the hunt, get the mace. Done.

Skyrim Unique Weapons: The Best Swords

Swords are after all the commonest class of weapon you’ll discover in Skyrim, and there are a complete lot of distinctive ones scattered all through the world. There’s far more than we will cowl, and plenty of of them are fairly rattling good… however we’ve narrowed down only a few of our absolute favourites and the place to seek out them.

Miraak’s Sword

Players of the unique Skyrim won’t know of Miraak’s Sword because it was added within the Dragonborn DLC – but it surely’s fairly rattling good. It absorbs stamina because of its enchantment and it’s bought a stable harm stat.

To get your fingers on it, you’ll have to start out the Dragonborn quests by travelling to the island of Solstheim. Once you’re prepared, two cultists will let you know of ‘the first dragonborn’ and try to kill you. This will kick off the DLC quest line. After a number of quests you’ll find yourself on the ultimate Dragonborn quest, At the Summit of Apocrypha. You’ll be capable to seize this weapon as loot off a corpse in direction of the tip of this quest. It’s a protracted course of to get to it, but it surely’s price it.


The Chillrend is a glass sword (which all the time feels like a foul concept, however don’t argue with Elder Scrolls logic) and it’s nice for enemies weak to frost harm. Its enchantment offers out frost harm and has an opportunity of paralysing enemies on high of an honest base harm output.

The weapon is held by the Thieves Guild chief Mercy Frey. The best solution to entry that is to seek out it in Frey’s home throughout the Thieves Guild quest ‘The Purist’. It’s proudly displayed in a case and has an knowledgeable lock ready to be picked. Keep in thoughts that this can be a leveled weapon, so simply how good it’s might be decided by your degree – it’ll all the time be glorious on your character degree once you first enter its location.


You spend an terrible lot of your time in Skyrim combating dragons, so a sword that’s designed to fell them is helpful, no? The Dragonbane’s enchantment means it does further harm to dragons, whereas it’ll deal shock harm to all different enemies. This sword is leveled, so its efficiency might be partially decided by your degree once you first enter its location.

The Dragonsbane katana is discovered within the Sky Haven Temple throughout the quest Alduin’s Wall – which is a crucial step within the sport’s major story. You need to search for a room simply off to the facet of the primary chamber of the temple – you’ll discover it with some blades armor.

Soulrender and Bloodscythe

Two extra weapons that had been added within the Dragonborn DLC, these two swords had been designed to be dual-wielded collectively. When they’re, they each achieve highly effective enchantments to soak up magicka and well being whereas decreasing a goal’s defenses in opposition to additional bodily and magic assaults.

You’ll must hit up the Dragonborn quest line to achieve Solstheim. Once degree 36 or greater discover a copy of a e book, Deathbrand, inside Tel Mithryn or Raven Rock temple. You’ll get each these weapons through the resultant quest.

Gauldur Blackblade

The Gauldur Blackblade is one other leveled weapon, that means its effectiveness might be decided by your degree once you first enter its location. The finest model is at degree 36. It’s a reasonably good sword and might be upgraded, nonetheless, and has a health-healing enchantment by default. Being an historical nord weapon, the dwarven smithing perk will aid you to make it much more lethal.

The sword might be grabbed throughout the quest Forbidden Legend. You can begin this quest by studying the e book Lost Legends – this may kick off the hunt to analyze the legend of Gauldur. If you don’t discover one of many books naturally, you’ll discover one on a useless adventurer’s physique in Reachwater rock. Later within the quest you’ll find yourself within the ruins of Golgunthur – you’ll find yourself in a combat, and this sword is the reward.

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Skyrim Unique Weapons: The Best War Axes

War Axes are a much less refined all-out-combat weapon than the sword, however there’s nonetheless some slightly fetching distinctive ones accessible in Skyrim. We’ve picked out a few favourites.


Okin is a stupidly cool trying noredic conflict axe. It dishes out frost harm to each well being and stamina and has a stable base harm stat of 12. it may also be upgraded and may have upgrades doubled with the metal smithing perk.

To get your fingers on Okin you’ll need to do the Silenced Tongues quest. You can discover this by ending Volunruud and exploring round – you’ll discover notes that’ll start to push you in direction of the hunt. Eventually, you’ll get hold of this weapon as a reward. There’s an honest sister weapon to this too, a sword referred to as Eduj. It drops on the identical time.

Dawnguard Rune Axe

As this weapon’s identify suggests, that is discovered as a part of the Dawnguard DLC pack. It dishes out solar harm to undead, and the quantity of harm it does will increase with each undead you’ve killed with the axe for the reason that final dawn – a singular impact. It has some stable damge output too.

To get this weapon, merely get involved with the Dawnguard DLC. You’ll finally come throughout the hunt Lost Relic. These are radiant quests the place you’re despatched to discover a random artifact, however if you happen to maintain doing these missions you’ll finally get this merchandise.

Skyrim Unique Weapons: The finest Battleaxes, Greatswords and Warhammers

In a merciless coincidence for you beefy, two-handed wielding weapon lovers, there’s much less two-handed distinctive weapons in Skyrim than single handed swords alone. As such, we’ve grouped them collectively. There’s some fairly tasty battleaxes, greatswords and warhammers accessible, so listed below are our picks.

Wuuthrad Battleaxe

If you’re a bit of bit bias in opposition to elves, nicely, that is the weapon for you. It does much more harm to elves, and that’s on high of its nasty base harm stat of 25. It additionally appears fairly bloody cool, to be trustworthy.

You’ll need to deal with the hunt Glory of the Dead, and to do this you’ll must join The Companions faction. Glory of the Dead is the ultimate quest for this faction. Once you place the Wuuthrad on the statue, activate the statue – you’ll get the Wuuthrad, which was beforehand a brief acquisition, again for good.

Rueful Axe

The Rueful Axe is described as an axe highly effective sufficient to have a whole lot of enjoyable with, and that is sensible – it has a base harm stat of 22 and offers out stamina harm as nicely. It may also be upgraded.

The Axe might be discovered within the Daedric quest A Daedra’s Best Friend. Once you’re degree 10 or greater, you’ll need to discover Lod close to Falkreath’s entrance. When given the cahcne, kill Barbas with the axe. You should use the axe to slay him. You get to maintain it as a reward.

Bloodskal Blade

Originally added within the Dragonborn DLC, tis hefty greatsword releases an vitality blast everytime you do a powered up assault. Even the vitality blast offers out a nasty 30 harm.

You’ll need to begin the primary Dragonborn quest after which finally head to Raven Rock Mine for this sidequest. Chat to Crescius within the entrance to the mine and the hunt The Final Descent begins. You’ll discover the blade subsequent to the stays of Gratian later within the quest, inside Bloodskal Barrow.

Volendrung Warhammer

This huge hammer has a little bit of an evil look about it and has a fully ridiculous base harm stat of 47. It additionally absorbs stamina, very helpful for a weapon of this measurement and this lethal nature.

You’ll get this weapon as a reward from the Daedric Prince himself as a part of the hunt The Cursed Tribe. In order to kick this quest off, you’ll need to head to the orc stronghold of Largashbur. Try to avoid wasting the lifetime of the orc Ugor, who will then aid you out and get you on the street with this quest.

Dawnguard Rune Hammer

The Dawnguard Rune Warhammer isn’t probably the most highly effective hammer going with its base harm stat of 22, but it surely’s the enchantment that will get us excited. Hitting a floor locations a rune on the floor, and that rune explodes to deal fireplace harm when enemies contact it.

All you must do with the intention to get this hammer is maintain doing the Lost Relic quests that come as a part of Dawnguard. These quests are random, however finally one among them will web you this glorious hammer as loot.


Skyrim Unique Weapons: The finest bows

Bows are helpful for anyone who isn’t simply being a meathead run-in-and-swing sort in Skyrim and even every now and then helpful for these of us too. There’s just a few with some very helpful perks and enchantments. Here’s our favorite picks for ranged fight.

The Nightingale Bow

The Nightingale Bow really belongs to Karliah, a member of the thieves guild and non permanent follower of the dragonborn for some quests for that guild. Its enchantment permits it to freeze and shock the goal, which could be very helpful. It’s a leveled weapon, so its energy might be impacted by your degree once you get hold of it. The finest model is at degree 46 and up.

To get your fingers on Karliah’s bow you’ll have to hitch the Thieves Guild and observe its quest line. Towards the tip of that collection of quests you’ll get the hunt Blindsighted. This bow is a reward for ending that quest. That quest will get you the skeleton key too, so it’s a really helpful quest certainly.

Glass Bow of the Stag Prince

This bow isn’t nearly its flowery identify – it additionally comes with an enchantment that blesses you for each 20 animals you kill with the bow – excellent for looking. The blessing does max out, but it surely offers vital boosts to well being and stamina whereas the bow is provided.

You can get the bow from Falas Selvayn on the Ramshackle Trading Post. That’s on the island of Solstheim, in order that’s a part of the Dragonborn DLC. It’s offered. Buy it. It’s so simple as that. Huh.

Gauldur Blackbow

The Gauldur Blackbow is one other leveled weapon, that means its effectiveness might be decided by your degree once you first enter its location. The finest model is at degree 36. It has a sister sword (talked about earlier on) and this bow absorbs magicka with its enchantment.

Like the sword, the bow might be grabbed throughout the quest Forbidden Legend. You can begin this quest by studying the e book Lost Legends – this may kick off the hunt to analyze the legend of Gauldur. If you don’t discover one of many books naturally, you’ll discover one on a useless adventurer’s physique in Reachwater rock. The quest will finally take you to Geirmund’s Hall the place you’ll combat Sigdis Gauldurson. The bow is your reward.

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