Should you search for the closing of The Last of Us?

Joel (Pedro Pascal) reaching back to cover Ellie (Bella Ramsey)

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Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us might be just one of pc gaming’s greatest hits, yet it’s secure to state that HBO’s The Last of Us TV series presented the zombie legendary’s well-known, controversial tale to an entire brand-new target market. And at the very least several of that target market is questioning: “How does this all end?”

If you were within 5 backyards of a video clip game in 2013, you might have obtained the feeling that The Last of Us narrates whose finishing generated considerable dispute. Perhaps you’re interested regarding where all that dramatization originates from. Or perhaps, after viewing the very first episode, you’re not exactly sure whether you wish to enroll in something that may include, state, Joel’s brand-new surrogate child passing away. Or perhaps you similar to to understand what you’re getting involved in, and also you feed on looters as an issue of training course.

So prior to we simply inform you what takes place at the end of The Last of Us (2013 ), allow’s discuss the reasons that you may really wish to enter cool.

The instance for not ruining the closing of The Last of Us, clarified without looters

Joel and Elli stand on stairs and look down at a dead body

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The finishing of The Last Of Us is not unclear in its components, consisting of a crystal clear sequence of occasions and also inspirations– and also at the very same time, it leaves area for every single gamer to create their very own viewpoint on it. It needs response, and also conversation, and also “X was right” essays and also “No, you psychopath, X was wrong” counterclaims.

Whether the closing of The Last of Us is a real spin finishing is feasible. But it is a finishing that strongly recontextualizes the sort of tale that The Last of Us is. Polygon personnel that’ve played the game can confirm: Knowing the finishing ahead of time absolutely shades exactly how you react to the program.

If you do not currently understand the closing of The Last of Us and also aren’t entirely established on understanding what takes place, we would certainly encourage you not to look it up. Experience the tale as it was planned, and also delight in (responsibly) the weighty open inquiries that it uses!

I simply require to understand if Ellie or Joel pass away!

Yeah, that’s legit. Sometimes you simply require to understand what you’re enrolling in– parental-figure fatality and also kid fatality, specifically in such a fierce tale, are hefty feelings! And The Last of Us has lots of kid fatality to walk around (and also not simply the dreadful one in its very first episode). Scroll past the photo, and also we’ll allow you understand.

[Ed. note: The rest of this piece contains incrementally increasing spoilers for The Last of Us (2013).]

pedro pascal crouching, with bella ramsey at his side

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Neither Joel neither Ellie pass away at the end of The Last of Us (2013 ).

Can you simply inform me the tone of the finishing?

You simply wan na understand if it’s a top or a bummer? Scroll another.

Ellie and Tess crouch facing each other in the grass that has overtaken a decrepit building as light shines in from above in the HBO series The Last of Us.

Photo: Liane Hentscher/ HBO

Honestly, this is just one of one of the most fiercely disputed aspects of the closing of The Last of Us (2013 ). Your gas mileage might differ, yet anticipate your sensations to be blended.

OMG simply inform me the closing of The Last of Us

You obtained it, employer.

Pedro Pascal as Joel holds up a flashlight in a moldy dark room in the HBO show The Last of Us

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In the last act of The Last of Us (2013 ), Joel and also a subconscious Ellie get here in Salt Lake City complying with numerous ruthless journeys, and also Ellie is instantly absorbed for therapy. Marlene, that had actually ruled out that Joel may establish concerned sensations for the kid he was worked with to smuggle, informs Joel that the only means to make a treatment is to excise component of Ellie’s mind, which will certainly eliminate her. That ends up being the first for The Last of Us‘ finale battle series.

Joel butchers every person in the Firefly laboratory and also lugs Ellie from the structure. While the gamer, via Joel, eliminates lots of personalities during the game, the ending takes discomforts to emphasize this rampage as a point past. And to be clear, unlike even more role-play-leaning games, Joel’s activities are not delegated gamer option– the only means to proceed the game is to pilot Joel as he carries out physicians that are asking for their lives, fires Marlene in cool blood, and afterwards exists to Ellie regarding it.

When Ellie ultimately awakens and also asks what occurred and also why they’re taking a trip far from the Firefly base, Joel feeds her a total manufacture, persuading her that the Firefly researchers had actually currently found that private resistance could not create a treatment, therefore he had actually taken her away without occurrence. Joel and also Ellie stroll back to sanctuary with each other as the game ends, leaving the destiny of humankind, and also the principles of Joel’s option, to the gamer’s creativity.

It’s a finishing that recolors Joel and also Ellie’s game- lengthy trip from an enthusiastic pursuit to conserve the globe to something darker and also extra individual. It’s a spin in the feeling that unforeseen points are disclosed (Ellie would certainly need to crave a treatment; the remedy does not obtain made) yet the discloses were not what sustained the conversation. There are a great deal of various methods to really feel regarding the occasions of the closing of The Last of Us— that Joel was incorrect, and also his acts remiss. That Joel’s acts were remiss, yet he was doing it out of love. That the game’s roping of the gamer right into his rampage was outright, or poor game layout. Or merely that everyone else was panicing to a quite enjoyable video clip game that informed an interesting tale where you reached eliminate zombies and also cultists and also things.

But it’s the implementation of completion of The Last of Us made certain every one of those sensations were really felt highly. And where there are solid sensations, you obtain limitless discussion, and also ultimately, individuals that wish to Google around to see what everyone’s speaking about.


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