Should NCIS Fans Be Worried About A Major Character After Their Injury?

Nick Torres in NCIS

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Warning! The adhering to consists of looters for the NCIS episode “Unearth.” Read at your very own threat!

NCIS dealt with an additional prominent enigma today, as well as however, the celebration in charge of a horrendous criminal offense handled to take 2 of the division’s very own captive. Laura San Giacomo’s Dr. Grace as well as Wilmer Valderrama’s  Nick Torres were taken by burglars looking for gold, as well as among them left the experience a little shabby. After the episode, Nick was showing off an unpleasant gunfire injury as well as a sling, yet should followers be fretted about him? 

It’s all-natural for followers to stress over anything that takes place to Nick recently. Especially with Wilmer Valderrama’s expanding checklist of dedications beyond NCIS like Disney’s Zorro, there are those questioning if his days are limited on the CBS series. With those risks in mind, allow’s damage down exactly how Torres was hurt, as well as exactly how followers must really feel regarding his condition on the program moving forward. 

How Nick Was Injured

Nick as well as Dr. Grace were secured by 2 wrongdoers that thought the specialist knew on their previous companion that aided them smuggle gold they no more recognized the area of. Grace refuted she recognized anything, as well as while among the wrongdoers thought her, the leader didn’t. He terminated a weapon straight right into Torres’ arm as well as rejected him any kind of type of treatment till Grace accepted assist them. 

The NCIS group at some point saved Torres as well as quit the wrongdoers, yet at a price. Torres met Grace later on that evening in her workplace as well as was showing off a sling that would absolutely affect his capability to carry out in the area. In all sincerity, it looked better than the preliminary gunfire injury,  yet still sufficient to maintain Nick far from the activity for some time. 

Why Fans Shouldn’t Worry About Nick’s Injury

Nick Torres is a difficult guy, or a minimum of NCIS created him to be one. He disclosed that he’ll just need to invest 2 weeks in the sling, as well as afterwards, he’ll be back to fixing criminal activities as well as battling with the remainder of the group. The customer may presume we won’t see Torres doing a lot in the following 2 weeks, yet it really appears like he’ll be out in the area as early as the following episode. Check out the trailer for “Leave No Trace,” which briefly programs Torres a number of times as well as also strolling with his weapon attracted as well as no sling: 

It appears like Torres will certainly have the ability to sign up with the NCIS group when they head to a national forest to locate a supposed serial awesome. I presume it’s not a surprise that Nick had the ability to recover so rapidly, particularly taking into consideration exactly how he’s recouped from a few of his more serious injuries in the past. (The star isn’t constantly able to bounce back as quickly.) It might not be totally practical, yet a minimum of we don’t need to stress over NCIS crossing out Wilmer Valderrama today. 

NCIS airs on CBS (opens up in brand-new tab) on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET, as well as audiences can capture up on the period with a Paramount+ subscription. Now is an excellent time to capture up on every program in the franchise business, as a big crossover event remains in the jobs that will certainly include all 3 programs. 

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