Sea of Thieves’ greatest PvP followers think period 8 might be “the best update since launch”

Sea of Thieves skelly hand

(Image credit scores: Rare)

For people that have lengthy desired a larger concentrate on PvP that does not completely take you out of the major setting (elevates hand enthusiastically), Sea of Thieves period 8 seem like “a game changer.”

“So insanely hyped for this! Amazing job as always Rare! Season 8 is going to be the best season yet, hand down!” checks out the leading talk about the news video clip, from ChimneySwift11.

“At long last, FINALLY a solid PvP update,” claims one Redditor (opens up in brand-new tab). “Can’t wait for this to flip the ratio of PvE to PvP players and finally make the waves exciting again.”

“This looks absolutely phenomenal – a true Sea of Thieves 2.0 for me who has 1,400 hours in the game, has levelled up everything there is and mostly goes for PvP,” claims Sorry_Astronaut (opens up in brand-new tab).

As for PvE gamers, some are really hoping the on-demand PvP sidetracks the high sea’s most callous awesomes and also makes the game friendlier for those that pull out. Alas, others fasted to explain that there will certainly constantly be people whose initial reaction upon seeing one more ship is pump it packed with cannonballs.

“I cannot stress this enough– I am still going to go after PvE ships for their loot hauls. The on-demand PvP will be amazing. But it doesn’t change the core part of the game that I play for,” alerts ForgedLibraryCard (opens up in brand-new tab).

As a self-professed legacy MMO jerk, I could not be much more ecstatic concerning on-demand PvP. Sea of Thieves’ slow-moving marine battle is one of the most interesting component of the game, and also a much faster course to eliminating various other ships appears fantastic. 

Sea of Thieves period 8 launches Tuesday, November 22.

Rare’s multiplayer pirate journey game is simply among the best Xbox Series X games you can play today.



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