Scrooge McDuck will not allow me acquire an unwell pc gaming computer

a Disney Dreamlight Valley version of Polygon senior reporter Nicole Carpenter wearing overalls and staring at a cute gaming PC

Image: Gameloft/Disney

I have actually positioned indications marketing Scrooge McDuck’s store aroundDreamlight Valley I am putting on a t shirt jazzed up with his face, directing my Disney buddies right over to his store. I’ve spent for both Moana as well as Remy (from Ratatouille) to live right here, remodelled a dining establishment as well as Goofy’s veggie delay, as well as paid McDuck’s financial investment to open his store– all while staying in a shack with boarded-up home windows as well as dust-covered furnishings.

To placed it merely, I am paying a great deal of cash to Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Scrooge McDuck. The person’s blood loss me completely dry. And currently he’s hanging an unwell pc gaming computer with an LED key-board as well as computer mouse over my head, as well as I can not manage it. It’s discourteous. Sure, it’s no Animal Crossing: New Horizons gaming PC, yet it’s what’s on deal, as well as I believed I can bring some delight right into Disney Nicole’s life. I was incorrect.

As Kotaku and others on social media pointed out last week, Scrooge McDuck is generally Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Tom Nook– yet a lot, a lot even worse:

After costs 1,000 coins to restore his store, Scrooge McDuck tosses me 400 coins to invest in his shop. How charitable! Of training course, it’s insufficient to acquire my brand-new computer, as well as his store replenishes prior to I can get adequate cash to acquire it. Of training course, I’ve never ever really gathered significantly money in Disney Dreamlight Valley since I’m constantly investing it on another thing, like bringing brand-new people back right into community. Thanks to Scrooge McDuck, my bag is constantly open.

Jokes apart, there is even more to Dreamlight Valley than simply Animal Crossing analogues. I’m still quite early in the game, yet there’s a great deal even more tale to reveal in the valley, which is a wonderful adjustment of rate in the life- as well as farming-simulation style. Still, the game is extremely comparable to Animal Crossing– as well as I assume that functions to its advantage. As among 10s of numerous New Horizons gamers, it’s been simple to come under a comfy rhythm with Dreamlight Valley‘s day-to-day duties as well as tasks.

Now, so Dreamlight Valley permitted me to patronize various other gamers so I can lastly obtain my hands on that computer as well as make the player house of my desires. For currently, Scrooge has a syndicate. I’ll think I’ll simply begin with a workdesk.


Source: Polygon


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