Sans from Undertale won the Tumblr Sexyman survey, and also I have not understood tranquility considering that

Sans from Undertale.

Image: Toby Fox

Let it be understood that the day ofThursday Sept 8 was maybe among one of the most delirious days on the web, and also not simply forthe reason you’d think Sans, the a skeletal system personality from the indie darling Undertale, won the Tumblr Sexyman poll versus Reigen Arataka ofthe anime Mob Psycho 100 The competition motivated a flooding of follower art and also memes, filling systems like Twitter and also Tumblr.

To arrive, Sans needed to overcome a “who would win” design brace organized on a Twitter account calledTumblr Sexyman OTD The competitors was piled, with cherished personalities from throughout media franchise business– Wheatley from Portal 2, Almond Cookie from Cookie Run: Kindgom, and alsoRaymond from Animal Crossing

The brace began onSept 5 and also practically finished up late at night Wednesday, yet followers commemorated the adhering to day. Each day, followers would certainly elect on their preferred “Tumblr Sexyman,” which is a term for personality with a devoted online follower adhering to commonly shared in the type of follower art and also memes.

In Undertale, Sans is a silly personality whose name is motivated by the type of font style utilized in his dialog box,Comic Sans Although he’s lengthy been the stuff of memes everywhere, he had not been a shoe-in, due to the fact that he contested versus the bumbling coach and also attractive salaryman Reigen Aratka from the anime Mob Psycho 100 (Just days previously, Reigen had actually won both the ultimate DILF poll and also the twink poll, placing him in a solid placement to win Tumblr Sexyman.)

It was a very close competitors ultimately, with Sans pounding Reigen by much less than a solitary portion factor of ballots.

Fans of both Reigen and also Sans jointly went wild, and also Twitter and also Tumblr have actually considering that been loaded with definitely ludicrous follower art and also memes of both and also various other personalities from the brace and alsoUndertale

The very same day followers were commemorating Sans’ win, the Queen of England passed away, so followers promptly wound up making memes incorporating both occasions in what created a delirious mashup that profited from fandom and also a significant historic occasion.

If all this had not been sufficient, Undertale designer Toby Fox, that usually does not recognize the enormous limelight of his game’s fandom, stepped forward and also created a short entrance of fanfic regarding both personalities to celebrate the occasion. (Or, as one follower explained, possibly it’s not fanfic and also is actually canon, considering that Fox is the designer of Undertale.)

Regardless of whether it’s canon or otherwise, it’s a real joy to see Fox identify the fandom that’s still to life and also kicking long after the game was initial launched back in 2015.


Source: Polygon


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