Samsung наконец-то полноценно представила умное кольцо Galaxy RingКольцо в паре ..

Samsung has finally fully unveiled the Galaxy Ring smart ring

The ring, when paired with a smartwatch, allows for more accurate monitoring of various metrics: heart rate, blood oxygen levels, menstrual cycles, sleep, stress, and much more. If snoring is detected during sleep, the ring sends a notification to the user’s smartphone recommending a visit to the doctor.

The ring also integrates with the Samsung Food service and provides users with personalized dietary recommendations.

Galaxy Ring will be available in black, silver, and gold colors. Russian sizes range from 15.7 to 22. The case is water-resistant: IP68, 10 ATM.

Depending on the size of the ring, the battery capacity varies, but overall, the ring lasts about a week on a full charge. The device charges via an included docking station.

At launch, only Galaxy smartphones will be supported, but support for other Android smartphones will come later. There will never be support for iPhone.

Available for purchase from July 19 for $400 (~35,500 ₽).

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