Rock Paper Sock is Sokpop’s earnest homage to Runescape

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Every so usually, Dutch indie boyband Sokpop discover themselves making an MMO. This time, nonetheless, they’re courting this boutique videogame web site by nicking two-thirds of our title. Released earlier this week, Rock Paper Sock is a deconstruction of Old School Runescape that ditches sword and sorcery for 3 easy weapons – a rock, a sheet of paper, and a useful pair of scissors.

Jumping in blind, I used to be stunned by how a lot of Jagex’ historic browser MMO discovered its method into Sokpop’s newest – from the muted isometric panorama and sheep bones you bury for bonus XP, to grinding out stats (Rock, Paper and Scissors, respectively) and discovering dashing new garments. There are sheep to homicide, wobbly goblins hanging about throughout the bridge, and RPSock even has that bloody stone circle lined in evil wizards wot made journeys to Varrock a nightmare.

Get away from me, scissor wizard!

But the true allure is in how surprisingly pointed Sokpop’s MMO is in taking Jagex’ venerable MMO down a peg. Look. Runescape’s fight has all the time been pants. A blind cube roll the place the choice of whether or not to stab, slash or block hardly ever feels significant exterior of what talent quantity you’re pushing up. It’s obtuse and convoluted in a method that feels nearly misleading. RPSock is actually a game of rock paper scissors – however in some way, I foolishly really feel like I’m in additional management of the state of affairs.

I genuinely imagine I’m enjoying thoughts games with this digital sheep, decided to finest it so I can push its bones into the filth. You don’t have thumbs, you ridiculous ungulate. I do know you may’t play scissors. Give up earlier than you embarrass your self.

Rock Paper Sock is on the market on for £2/$Three or as a part of the collective’s $3/month Patreon. With Sokpop now Sok-dropping their games on Steam, anticipate to see it land there within the close to future.