Революция в мире ИИ: презентовали новый чип Sohu от стартапа Etched для трениров..

Revolution in the AI World: Startup Etched Launches New Sohu Chip for Training and Operating Neural Networks — Set to Dethrone Nvidia

Sohu is 20 times more powerful than the comparable Nvidia H100, yet it is faster and cheaper. For context, GPT-4 was trained on 8,000 H100s, but now only 400 Sohu chips would suffice.

The generation speed is astonishing—500,000 tokens per second. To replicate the Bible, any neural network would need just 2 seconds.

Juan’s company was outdone thanks to specialization—the chips exclusively work with transformer models, including ChatGPT, Claude, Sora, and other popular neural networks.

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