Reviving Video Games in Robert Rodriguez’s Latest Spy Kids Movie

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When writer-director Robert Rodriguez laid out to make a new Spy Kids movie, he mosted likely to jump concepts around with some really relied on partners: his children.

“They had a whole list of things: You have to have a safehouse. […] And you have to bring a video game element back,” claims Rodriguez.

Rodriguez took both notes for Netflix’s Spy Kids: Armageddon, in which he incorporates video clip games straight right into the spy tale. He made the very same relocate 2003’s Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, which he remembers lovingly as “the biggest of the Spy Kids movies.” But it’s been two decades considering that Game Over, which suggests he needed to resolve video clip games in a 2023 method.

That surpasses the essentials of the story: This time around, the video clip game leakages right into the real life prior to the children get in the game. And whereas Game Over’s operative Juni Cortez battled to obtain his bearings in the video clip game globe, Armageddon’s brand-new spies matured in a globe loaded with video gaming as well as modern technology, so they recognize what they’re doing — extra so than the grownups.

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“My son came up with a way to do it that made sense with today’s game worlds, where the kids would be super savvy,” Rodriguez describes. “It gives the movie a realistic kind of slant.”

And don’t assume Rodriguez’s kid, Racer Max, isn’t obtaining his due; unlike on Game Over, he’s an attributed co-writer on the brand-new film.

In Spy Kids: Armageddon, a Standard-Issue Villain releases a code that transforms every item of modern technology right into a video clip game degree. Simple imitates opening a smart device or taking out cash from an atm machine currently include video gaming auto mechanics. That suggests Tony as well as Patty, the film’s gaming-enthusiast young heroes, are flawlessly keyed to aid the grown-up inside men.

“The kids would be better than their parents, if that’s the only way you could use technology,” claims Rodriguez. “The parents would be lost, the kids would be like modern spies. And they would have a chance against the bad guy.”

Another component these days’s children that would certainly provide a side versus a game programmer bad guy?

“My kids know how every video game creator created their game,” describes Rodriguez. “They go into the whole history of this person. So [Patty and Tony] would know this bad guy like the back of their hand, know how he thinks, and know his game theory already. So that was really fun about doing that for this film: It actually gave them a believable edge against the villain.”

Spy Kids: Armageddon is presently streaming on Netflix.


Source: Polygon

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