RevEmu (bir3yk) update from 11/23/2019

New version of the bir3yk RevEmu emulator for games on the Source engine has been released.

The RevEmu emulator allows you to run games without a Steam client, provides game servers with SteamID verification and blocks various cheating software.

Older versions of RevEmu are no longer work and supported.
We strongly recommend to every assemblies creators and servers owners to make this upgrade to avoid gameplay errors, server crashes and lower online.

Update Order

Server owners should:

  1. Windows — copy server’s steamclient.dll to bin folder replacing the file.
    Linux — in bin folder rename to then copy file there from the server’s archive RevEmu.
  2. Open config rev.ini, go to [GameServer] section and add parameters:
    • Check_Ticket = True
      Allow_Fail_Check = False
      Check_Ticket_Async = True

Clients creators should:

  1. Unpack content from client folder in archive to game catalog.
  2. Edit config rev.ini in [Loader] section change the line according to the executable file of the game and its short name (example: cstrike, csgo, l4d2, bms):
    • ProcName=hl2.exe -game cstrike -steam -silent
  3. In steam_appid.txt file write game’s AppID which you can find on the SteamDB site.

New RevEmu version from 11.23.2019


  • Updated protection against spoofing;
  • Fixed bug of ghost players overflowing servers;
  • Fixed work on hard disks and NVMe SSDs (now steam-id is generated correctly on all hard disks);
  • Added support for new Steam interfaces for stable operation;
  • Fixed errors when connecting players to the server;
  • Fixed various memory leaks;
  • Fixed work with Left 4 Dead 2;
  • Ticket check in the stream has been updated.