Разрабы EFT выкатили список изменений для владельцев EOD-издания и The Unheard и..

EFT developers have rolled out a list of changes for EOD edition and The Unheard edition owners

The most important changes for Edge of Darkness are:

Access to cooperative PvE mode with progression saving (access roll out will be gradual, and the first wave is planned for tomorrow);
Accelerated return of insured items;
Increased personal purchase limits by 20%;
Access to a special stimulant craft;
A series of “Nostalgia” quests about the game progression;
Unique “Legac” item with calling mechanic – item can summon a friendly APC, after which it will need to recharge.
Unique top and bottom for EOD owners.

The most important changes for The Unheard Edition:

Unique radio electronic item “Unheard Tag” – will be active only in PvE mode;
Unique “Alarm” item – will be available in both PvP and PvE modes. Item needs to be charged in hideout with high-end items;
$50 coupon for Escape from Tarkov purchases (versions, expansions) for those who upgraded from Edge of Darkness to The Unheard Edition at the old price;
Access to Escape from Tarkov: Arena for those who bought the full-priced edition;
Unique CVK top – Sectant Jacket;
Option to repaint the Gamma container model.

The “Unheard Tag”, “Alarm”, and the “Legacy” EOD item can be obtained through quests for all editions. Increased CVK pocket sizes will also be added as a quest reward.

Owners of the Standard, Prepare for Escape, and Left Behind editions will get a two-row storage size increase and the option to separately purchase access to the PvE mode.

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