Radiohead Join TikTok, Reveal New Chieftain Mews Video: Watch

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Soundtracked by a clip from “Paranoid Android”

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As of today, Radiohead are on TikTok. If you’re expecting a Thom Yorke dance challenge, you’ll be sorely disappointed; the band made their debut on the platform with a clip featuring Chieftain Mews, the long-running character played by producer Nigel Godrich, seated at a desk with the Radiohead logo in the background.

Someone addresses him off-camera (“Say something.”), who which Mews replies: “Well, what do you want me to say?” Eventually, he addresses the viewer: “This is your wake-up call. Have a good day.”  In the background is a clip from “Paranoid Android.” The Radiohead TikTok account reads: “’Proud to be joining the TikTok revolution’.” Watch the video below.

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