PSVR 2 will have over 20 first and third-party games at launch

Only one exclusive has been revealed so far



(Image credit: Sony)

So far, we don’t have a great amount of detail on what these “20+” games could be. As you can see in the slide above though, one of these titles will undoubtedly be Horizon: Call of the Mountain, the PSVR 2-exclusive game that Guerrilla unveiled for the new hardware earlier this year.

Right now, we chiefly have a slate of rumours to go on surrounding the new headset. A report earlier this year claimed the PS5 headset would aim to launch near the beginning of 2023, and given that these new details from Sony come in their 2023 fiscal year briefing, that’s entirely possible. 

Earlier this year in March though, developers actually got to try out the PSVR 2 for themselves at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.  One former Valve writer said it was ‘so good’ on Twitter shortly after, but no one else was as forthcoming about their time with the new headset. Hopefully, it won’t be long until we try out the PSVR 2 for ourselves. 

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