Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero is a game regarding a fight wombat

Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero is a game where you play as a humanlike wombat with unique powers. Need we claim much more?

Well, easily sufficient, we can claim much more due to the fact that it simply obtained a brand-new trailer as component of the Future Games Show Powered by the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro. 

In this brand-new video, we obtain a take a look at Brunt – the battle wombat – at work, particularly her utmost capacity, which is called Ruberoite Rage.  

Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero is an experience embeded in a dream globe called Eirdal, where Brunt will certainly be entrusted with conserving her individuals by taking a trip to unidentified lands. She’s looking for a power that appears to have actually resurfaced, as well as where it stemmed from to begin with. Brunt likewise appears to have an unique link to the power as well as the globe around her that’s fairly special. 

As you can listen to in the trailer, the whole game is told by Brunt’s adoptive dad, that’s informing us of her experiences. These will certainly consist of dealing with numerous bugs, platforming to scale the atmosphere, resolving problems, tunneling, as well as much more. 

Whether the game will certainly attend to the reality that wombats poop in dices hasn’t been stated. 

There’s no launch day for this set yet, however you can wishlist Hollow Hero on Steam (opens up in brand-new tab) currently if you intend to remain upgraded. 

If you’re seeking even more outstanding games from today’s Future Games Show, take a look at our official Steam page (opens up in brand-new tab).



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