Pokémon Sword and Shield has a good rarer sort of shiny to gather

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A rare “square Shiny” Pokémon.

Game Freak through @torkirby on Twitter

Everyone is aware of that Shiny Pokémon are purported to be uncommon — there’s solely a 1 in 4,096 probability you’ll discover a monster in a particular shade, except you utilize a special method to increase your odds. But Pokémon Sword and Shield has launched one other sort of Shiny to the combination, which, if discovered, will enter the battle with a barely completely different sort of animation.

Players are calling these ultra-rare monsters “square Shinies,” as a result of their animations seem diamond-like, somewhat than the standard sparkles that you just see for many Shinies. According to hackers who’ve appeared on the recordsdata, there’s solely a 1 in 16 probability your Shiny shall be a sq. Shiny. Which, statistically talking, means most individuals stumbling onto a Shiny will discover the usual sparkles, not the sq. ones.

Here’s what it appears like in motion — notice that it’s a delicate impact, however nonetheless, it’s completely different.

The odds differ relying on what methodology you utilize to Shiny hunt. Random Shiny encounters and breeding have the 1 in 16 probability, however should you’re utilizing the chain methodology to Shiny hunt, then the percentages are inverted — there’s a 15 in 16 chance they’ll be squares.

For completionists who really feel they want each single type of monster out there for his or her compendium, this would possibly sound like a nightmare. But, a minimum of one Shiny hunter isn’t apprehensive.

“For me it’s about the Shiny, regardless of Sparkles!” Shiny hunter aDrive told Polygon.