Pirates of the Caribbean is no more obtaining the Margot Robbie reboot it should have

elizbeth swann in her pirate king coat. her blonde hair blows in the sea wind and she looks determined and fierce. behind her is a ship, the background blurred to emphasize her

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The marvelous imagine Margot Robbie leading a band of woman pirates is currently dead. The starlet informed Vanity Fair that her female-led take on Pirates of the Caribbean with Birds of Prey film writer Christiana Hodson is no more moving forward at Disney.

“We had an idea and we were developing it for a while, ages ago, to have more of a female-led — not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story — which we thought would’ve been really cool. But I guess they don’t want to do it,” Robbie stated.

The project was first announced back in 2020, in addition to an additional different reboot. In May 2022, Jerry Bruckheimer, the manufacturer behind all 5 Pirates of the Caribbean films, informed The Sunday Times that the tasks were still in growth. What took place in between after that as well as Robbie’s current declaration is vague — neither is the destiny of the 2nd job.

If Robbie is to be thought, it seems like Disney is losing out on a chance below, particularly with HBO’s Our Flag Means Death bringing pirate media like Black Sails (and, yes, Pirates of the Caribbean) back right into the zeitgeist. But also regardless of that, it’s unfortunate to see the job pushed right into Davy Jones’ storage locker, due to the fact that a female-forward analysis of the swashbuckling franchise business is the outright best development for it.

Most individuals bear in mind Johnny Depp’s roguish Jack Sparrow, yet something that made the initial 3 Pirates of the Caribbean films attract attention was simply exactly how female-centric it was for a huge dream style movie. By making guv’s little girl Elizabeth Swann such a protagonist, the filmmakers — whether deliberately or otherwise — made the films appeal especially to girls. After all, it’s Elizabeth who goes on the clear hero’s journey, from abducted lady to stowaway seafarer as well as ultimately Pirate King.

Without ever before planning it, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies became the ultimate girlhood fantasy. Admittedly, there weren’t a lot of various other females for Elizabeth to combat together with, yet that simply makes a brand-new Pirates motion picture focused around some badass women the all-natural following action. Instead of leaning right into the Jack Sparrow of everything, the Pirates franchise business can really accept what made those very first 3 films so damn unique. Especially because the 5th motion picture marked down a lot of her development — you’re informing me that Pirate King Elizabeth Swann, that currently went to heck as well as back for Will Turner, wouldn’t instantly jump on a ship as well as cruise with him throughout of the Earth?

Alas, we may never ever see Margot Robbie as well as her staff cruise the 7 seas. Maybe someday, in the long run, past the perspective, Disney will certainly understand that the secret to fracturing that franchise business after 2 meh follows up is simply making it unapologetically tailored towards girls.


Source: Polygon

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