Pierce Brosnan Recalls Meeting Robin Williams For The First Time… As Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire.

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Mrs. Doubtfire is among those flicks that it appears everyone likes. It has plainly stood the examination of time as brand-new generations of children obtain presented to it. It’s among the late Robin Williams most popular films, and also his co-star Pierce Brosnan claims he was really delighted to be dealing with Williams, despite the fact that he didn’t in fact satisfy the star up until after the film had actually ended up recording.

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan just recently took a seat and also talked with GQ concerning numerous of his most preferred movies, consisting of Mrs. Doubtfire. Brosnan speak about being enjoyed be dealing with Robin Williams, and also states the very first time he fulfilled Robin, he was currently in his Mrs. Doubtfire make-up, at the very least from the neck up, making their very first conference rather amusing for all entailed. Brosnan claims… 

I was so enjoyed be dealing with him, and also Sally Field. I bear in mind increasing to San Francisco the very first day. I entered into the make-up trailer, and also Robin existed. He had a Hawaiian t-shirt on, large hirsute arms and also freight trousers, hirsute legs. But he had the head of Mrs. Doubtfire. [Chuckles, imitates Williams] ‘Oh, hey there Pierce. Ooh, you’re really good-looking, ooh, offer us a kiss! Oooh!’ [Deepens voice] ‘Hey there, pal. Nice to see you, thankful you turned up.’ [As himself] ‘Hello Robin, exactly how are you man?’ [As Williams] ‘Oh, I’m excellent, guy. Been below for hrs.’ I would certainly most likely to function, and also I functioned each day on that particular film, and also I was constantly dealing with, you recognize, Mrs. Doubtfire. It had not been ’til completion of the film that I fulfilled Robin.


Pierce Brosnan describes that Robin Williams required to be in the make-up chair very early each day for his Mrs. Doubtfire improvement. This truth, integrated with the truth that Brosnan had no scenes with Williams where he wasn’t impersonated Mrs. Doubtfire, implied he obviously never ever saw Robin appearing like himself throughout of the manufacturing. That needed to be a rather wild experience. 

Brosnan additionally praises Robin Williams’ abilities at tossing limes, also in all that make-up and also prosthesis.  Apparently the well-known “run by fruiting” scene, one that Brosnan expected to be shooting all day due to the fact that he assumed it would certainly take Williams throughout the day to make the shot, was carried out in 2 takes. Also, the line “run by fruiting” was not in the manuscript.

Mrs. Doubtfire was such a preferred film that we would sometimes listen to reports of a potential Mrs. Doubtfire 2. If there was any type of opportunity of that taking place, it ended with Williams’ death.   

Mrs. Doubtfire was clearly a special experience for those that made it as it was for the plenty of millions that have actually seen it. Pierce Brosnan claims he took the duty, at the very least partially, due to the fact that he required the cash, however he wound up belonging to something a lot larger.  

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