Overwatch 2 invisibility problem allows Mercy conceal in a rock the whole suit

Overwatch 2 support hero Mercy
(Image credit score: Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch 2 gamers have actually discovered an additional problem, as well as this moment it permits heroes to conceal in ordinary view utilizing a rock in the Esperanca map.

This problem was initially reported by a person in the Overwatch subreddit (opens up in brand-new tab) (as identified by our pals at PC Gamer (opens up in brand-new tab)) that shared a video clip showing just how to carry out the problem. In the clip, we can see Mercy utilizing her rest dramatize to clip via a rock discovered in the Esperanca map. What this does is conceal the assistance hero totally from all various other gamers, indicating a quite simple game for you. 

mercys_sit_emote_able_to_clip_through_bricks from r/Overwatch

Obviously, this isn’t optimal for every person else in a suit that actually can not see the hero hiding in ordinary view, yet it does create a very easy – otherwise a little underhanded – method to get XP. As mentioned by computer Gamer, it isn’t simply Mercy that can carry out this problem either. Players can likewise do this method with the smaller sized heroes that have rest emotes like Lucio, Moira, as well as Widowmaker – although it isn’t as smooth for every one of these heroes. Even Kiriko can draw it off rather with her kneel emote. 

If you wish to attempt this out on your own, it’s finest to obtain it done earlier instead of later on as, with all the problems occurring in Overwatch 2 right now, Blizzard has actually obtained a little an online reputation currently for drawing heroes, as well as possibly various other functions of the game, out of the hero shooter while they service repairing them.

A bit earlier Overwatch 2 gamers needed to temporarily say goodbye to Bastion and Torbjorn for a total amount of 15 days after both had game-damaging pests. Shortly hereafter, Mei was removed from the game as well as resulted from be returned in throughout the Overwatch 2 balance patch the other day – that is up until it was delayed last minute. All of these eliminations also had gamers worrying about the future of Brigitte after she was likewise just recently identified with an insect. 

Find out whatever you require to find out about the next Overwatch 2 support hero. 


Source: gamesradar.com

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