Overwatch 2 devs won’t disable Tracer over damages insect as she’s not that solid anyhow

(Image credit report: Blizzard)

Blizzard has no strategies to disable Overwatch 2’s Tracer regardless of a damages insect – since she requires an aficionado anyhow. 

Players just recently required to Reddit to flag that Tracer presently has no damages fall-off under 20 meters – inside that array she’ll deal complete damages, however as opposed to downsizing slowly, as quickly as she strikes the 20 metre mark, her damages diminishes a high cliff. Bastion and also Mei had actually been handicapped for a while after game-damaging pests were found, so gamers presumed Tracer was because of invest time in Blizzard prison, as well, however no – game supervisor Aaron Keller validates that she’ll continue to be in the game as “her overall power level has been ok”, which she’ll be rubbed to make up the power loss from her insect being repaired.

“We’re currently investigating and planning to address this bug in a future patch,” he says (opens up in brand-new tab). “However, this has seemingly been in the game for the last few builds (we just verified it in the Halloween patch), and while the sharp damage drop-off for Tracer is definitely a bug, her overall power level has been ok. We are not planning to disable Tracer, and when we fix the bug, we will also look at additional changes to her kit to compensate.”

huge_bug_tracer_has_no_fall_off_under_20_meters from r/Overwatch

Tracer started Overwatch 2 nerfed from her previous model in the initial game, with her pulse guns doing much less damages than in the past. Since after that, various (opens up in brand-new tab) calls (opens up in brand-new tab) have actually been made on the internet to return some power to her package, though it’s frequently met argument. She stays a sensible alternative at greater degrees of play if you understand what you’re doing, though there are definitely far better and also less complicated DPS heroes to get – like Sojurn, that Blizzard confirms is being took a look at.

Blizzard isn’t “satisfied” with Overwatch 2’s F2P grind either, so it’s reviving complimentary occasion skins, and also much more.


Source: gamesradar.com

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