Over 90 video clips of Grand Theft Auto 6 surface area in extraordinary leakage

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Image: Rockstar Games

In an extraordinary leakage, over 90 video clips of the in-development Grand Theft Auto 6 have actually emerged online. The leaker published the video clips on GTA Forums under the individual name teapotuberhacker. They declared to have actually accessed them straight from Rockstar’s interior Slack.

The video clips reveal burglaries, gunplay, open-world driving, and also discussions with complete voice acting. The video footage shows up to validate a recent report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier that the game would certainly be embeded in a fictionalized Miami– perhaps the Vice City of GTA tradition– and also include a usable women personality. The game is plainly in growth, with debug programs components noticeable on-screen, yet has numerous functioning attributes.

Right from the beginning there was little question over the credibility of the video clips– they were of a range and also information that would certainly be alongside difficult to phony. Schreier ultimately wrote on Twitter that Rockstar resources had actually verified to him that the leakage of “early and unfinished” video footage was actual, and also stated the situation was a “nightmare” for Rockstar.

At time of composing, the video clips are still offered to download and install from web links in the initial blog post on GTA Forums, although Rockstar’s moms and dad business Take-Two Interactive has actually begun to provide copyright insurance claims versus video clips on YouTube and also social networks networks in order to eliminate them from sight. The video clips have actually been so extensively dispersed currently that Take-Two’s attorneys might be combating a shedding fight in attempting to scrub them from the web.

In complete, there has to do with50 minutes of footage Many of the clips are really short. One of the longer videos, regarding 3 mins long, reveals the women gamer personality burglarizing a restaurant, endangering team and also consumers, that respond in anxiety to having a weapon drew on them. Then she and also her male partner enter a shootout with authorities prior to entering the authorities police car and also repeling. The visual therapy is rather reasonable, yet still constant with the GTA residence design.

The words Vice City can be seen in some clips. The women and also male gamer personalities look inadequately clothed, recommending the story will certainly at the very least begin at a various end of the socio-economic range than 2002’s glitzy Grand Theft Auto:Vice City At one factor, the women personality goes into a strip club loaded with a thick group. Further video clips reveal shooting and also discussion systems.

The leaker stated it was “possible” they would certainly launch source code of GTA 5 and also GTA 6, and also also an examination develop of GTA 6. On the online forums, they took concerns associating with the source code, and also appeared to share legally sensitive information associating with a recurring lawsuit over rip off mods for GTA Online.

Even if the leaker does not follow up and also launch source code or a usable develop, this is still an extremely destructive leakage for Rockstar on a range that has rarely, if ever before, been seen. Rockstar only confirmed earlier this year that GTA 6 remained in “active development.” The Bloomberg record declared deal with the game had actually started in 2014, after GTA 5‘s launch, yet that progression was slow-moving and also GTA 6 was not likely to see launch prior to 2024. Changes in business society at Rockstar are stated to have actually lowered overtime for designers and also transformed the tone of the game itself, with wit that is much less most likely to punch down at marginalized teams.


Source: Polygon


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